Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Egg Count

This is not a complete egg count , because I lost count back in Fall. The hens also started molting about that time. There was only one that didn't molt and she was only laying an egg every other day. We need new hens , as all of our girls are getting older. There are 6 hens , three of those are almost 3 years old and 3 are 2 years old. We'll be getting new hens soon.

Egg Count ~ 879

Farm Blessings


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas !

May Your Christmas be Happy , Peaceful and Filled with Many Blessings !

Merry Christmas !


Saturday, December 24, 2011

All I Want for Christmas .........................

Is a healed toe !

We've had very warm weather this week , so Thursday Little Time decided he was going to make a mad dash to their neighbors house across the woods barefoot. He stepped on a broken brick along the way and cut his big toe , he had to have 4 stitches. His toe was sore yesterday , but hopefully he'll be up and running tomorrow.

Couldn't resist sharing these pics of Little Missy Who .........

and her cat " Jazzy " ...........

playing with string under their Christmas tree. She reminded me of Little Cindy Lou in " How the Grinch Stole Christmas " wearing that dress and her hair pulled up on her head. Hence " Little Missy Who ".

~Merry Christmas ~

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

T'was a Few Days Before Christmas ..................

Around the Farmette .......... but it wasn't very quiet ...... except for the mouse.

The roosters were crowing .........................

The hens were cackling and pacing .........

The rabbits snorted and hopped about ..... those crazy guineas were mighty skittish & loud.

They were all wondering why JoyceAnn ........was cleaning and decorating their house.

But she kept on raking , scooping and shoveling until it was clean.
Then she hung up some bows and beautiful greens.

She hung a small red bow on the rabbit hutch ........ but didn't add greens ...... was afraid they would nibble on them before Christmas Eve.

But they heard her exclaim as she was finishing up ......

It's almost Christmas and Santa will soon be here ........

so lay him some eggs .

Ho ! Ho ! Ho !

~ Be Blessed ~

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Still Catching Up ........ Halloween Bunnies

A couple of days before Halloween I met a guy that had rabbits for sell , he offered me a deal I couldn't refuse. So I met him on Halloween morning and brought 3 bunnies home.

Meet Ms. Candy Corn ..... she's very sweet and meets me at the door each day.

This is " Little Bunny Boo Boo" aka Boo ...............

and " Pinky Dinky Doo " aka Pinky . The black and white bunnies are miniature rex rabbits , they're cute as can be. The Grands were surprised and really loved the " Halloween Bunnies ".

~ Blessings ~


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Creative Gift Wrapping

Hope everyone is doing well , it's been busy around here as usual. The holidays are almost here , thought I would share this gift idea from last year just in case someone needs a last minute idea. I made Shagbark Hickory syrup for Christmas gifts last year , but thought I would like to add a little something for the kitchen along with the syrup , so I bought dish towels and potholders. When I got ready to wrap them , I decided the potholder would make a great gift bag , so I tucked the pint of syrup inside the potholder and tied everything together with twine. The syrup was a hit with everyone and who doesn't need new dish towels and potholders. You could tuck jams/jellies , other canned goodies or a small loaf of nut bread inside.

Hope to have time to visit some blogs soon.

~Blessings ~


Monday, December 05, 2011

Keets and Our Last Pepper Harvest .............

The guinea hen that was sitting on the nest , hatched 17 keets in Oct.. I thought she was sitting on 16 eggs , but she laid another egg the day I took a pic of the 16 eggs and started sitting that night. On Oct. 4 the eggs hatched and there were 17 keets. I caught 6 of the keets before she realized what I was doing , then she got really protective and wouldn't let me near them. I put boards around the bottom of the fence and decided to leave them with her. That worked well for two weeks , but one evening I was late going out to check on them and when I got there she was outside the fence and had the keets under her settled down for the night. They apparently found a hole or went over the boards and she flew out with them. Since it was getting dark there wasn't much I could do except hope for the best for her and the keets. But the next morning she was gone and all the keets except for 2 , guess that fox made another raid. I caught the other 2 keets and put them in the brooder box with the other 6. We've lost another guinea since then , so we're down to 4 adult guineas and the 8 keets which are now in a holding pen outside until we release them next Spring.

We did have a nice pepper harvest in Oct , after it rained a couple of times the vines were loaded. I was really thankful for the peppers , we had stuffed peppers a couple of times . I diced and froze several bell peppers for seasoning , froze some strips for stir-frying this winter .......

and pickled the banana peppers.

Hope everyone had a great weekend !!

~ Blessings ~