Thursday, February 26, 2009

~ Seed Starting ~

Yipee ~~ I finally received my seeds Monday , so today I started all the cold weather crops. I have been saving egg cartons for awhile , I was saving them for my future eggs , but remembered when I was in elementary school , how we used them to start seeds , so I' m starting some of my seeds in them this year , better for the environment and the plants.

I saved the egg shells , washed them , let them dry , placed the shells back in the cardboard holder and punched holes in the bottom of each shell. I put potting soil in each shell , planted the seeds , then I used a spray bottle to dampen the soil. I covered them with plastic wrap ( the last box of wrap I intend to buy ~ hate the stuff ) to help keep them moist , then I put the cardboard sleeve over them to keep them dark. I'll keep them in my spare bedroom until they sprout , then I'll move them to basement and put them under lights.
I did an internet search about starting seeds in egg shells , found this article , The wonderful thing about this process is you can plant the egg shells or card board holders and not worry about root damage , plus the shells add nutrients.
I started 2 types of cabbages , Early Round Dutch Cabbage and Red Acre Cabbage , Di Cicco Broccoli , Catskill Brussel Sprouts , Iceberg Lettuce and Paris White Cas Lettuce (Romaine Lettuce ). I've never started these type seeds , hope they do well.
The weather has been wonderful today , did a load of wash and hung it out to dry. DH and K Gray moved my raised beds to their permanent location , plan to work on those the weekend. The chicks are doing well , they've adjusted to the coop. The guineas decided to become totally free range yesterday , they didn't stay in the coop last night , found them a nice roosting spot , high up in the trees . I would prefer they stay in the coop overnight , but not much you can do , if they want come down from the trees.
~ Green Blessings ~

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~ Six Little Chicks ~

Saturday , Dh picked up our laying hens. I didn't get to make the trip as planned , Little Froggy and Curious J were staying with me , so their Dad could attend a funeral.

The chicks were smaller than I thought they would be , but oh ...... sooo cute. Curious J loved them , he wanted to hold one. He helped put food in their tray and enjoyed watching them. Little Froggy just stood back and watched big brother.

I think we have 3 Black Australorps , 1 Rhode Island Red , 1 Buff Orpington and a Plymouth Barred Rock. It will be awhile before they start laying eggs , maybe July although I hope sooner. I will be giving them names , but I think I'll wait and see what their personalities reveal.

After we came out of the chicken coop , Pa challenged Curious J to try to catch a guinea and the chase was on , but Nana had to put a halt to that. Little Froggy got brave later and decided he wanted to catch a guinea too , so cute (LOL).

We had a wonderful time with the Grands Saturday , they always bring a smile to our faces. Curious J saw my gardening beds that Pa had made and decided he needed one for a sandbox , so Pa has new project to work on (LOL) , between Curious J and I , we keep him busy.

Hope everyone has a good day , need to get off the computer , let the guineas out , feed the chicks , bunny and dogs. I'm trying to get my Spring cleaning done before the nice weather comes , because I'll want to be outside then.

~ Green Blessings ~

Sunday, February 22, 2009

~ Happenings on the Homestead ~

I was busy last week , Tuesday I dug up a volunteer peach tree and replanted it in the garden area. Dh mowed the leaves to mulch them , and I've been raking and piling them up to use in the garden. We don't rake them in the Fall , we let them breakdown over the winter months , then mow and rake them , they're great for the garden.

Thought I would share a pic of DH working , he's building us a large grill. He's a welder by trade , he also enjoys welding small projects at home. He's very talented , he made me these blue roses awhile back , he was trying a tinting method , that turns them blue.

The next pic is garden bench he made , it was my Christmas gift. I 've been trying to figure out were I want to put it , probably near the garden and chicken coop. He still needs to make the seating.
I also got the chicken/guinea coop cleaned out last week too. Dh picked up the chicks on Sat. , they're cute as can be , more about the chicks tomorrow ...........

Hope your weekend was Blessed !

~ Green Blessings ~

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

~ Silly Guineas ~

I've read that Guineas love to look at their reflection in a mirror. Today they found the basement windows and really enjoyed seeing their reflections , they started pecking at the windows. I finally had to run them back to the coop.

Yesterday , Shadow chased them and they flew up on top of the house. I was going to take a pic , but they were off the roof by the time I got back with the camera , silly Guineas.

~ Blessings ~

Saturday, February 14, 2009

~~~ Happy Valentine's Day ~~~

May Your Day be Blessed with Smiles , Hugs and To Much LOVE ......

~ Blessings ~

Thursday, February 12, 2009

~ Sooo....... Natural ~

( Click Photo to Enlarge )

I created this natural collage this week. It's made with a recycled picture frame and more of those natural elements , I've been gathering on my hikes. I love the way it looks , many textures and natural colors.

It hangs in my bathroom , hope the moisture in there will keep the mosses green. I enjoy creating with natural elements , this is definitely one of my favorites.

~ Natural Blessings ~


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

~ Enjoying my Terrarium ~

I've been having so much fun , taking hikes through the woods and gathering little bits and pieces from the woodland. Gina wrote about about terrariums back in the Fall , and I've been wanting to make one. I finally created my terrarium Monday , I found a couple of glass containers that were missing lids and one that was intact. They all stacked nicely , so decided to do a layered terrarium. I put a small fern in the bottom jar , the second jar host a couple of other plants I found. The top container has different mosses and a limb with some lichen. I'm enjoying having a mini-woodland on my table to remind me of my nature hikes.

~ Green Blessings ~


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~ Chickens & Seeds ~

I finally did it , ordered my chickens and seeds last week. I will be picking up my chickens Feb 21st , decided to get pullets. I ordered 2 Black Australorps , 2 Rhode Island Reds and 2 Plymouth Barred Rocks. I 'm so excited , can't for for those fresh eggs. I'll probably get more hens later on , but thought 6 would be a good start until I know what I'm doing.

I placed my seed order last week too , hope to receive it this week. I'm ready to try growing all my plants from seeds. The broccoli , cabbages , lettuce , bunching onions and spinach can be started as soon as I receive my order. We've had spring like weather for the last 3 days , 72 this past Sunday and it's suppose to be in the 70's tomorrow. I plan to get those raised beds ready tomorrow , maybe today.
The guineas are doing well and it's time for them to earn their keep. I saw my first tick today , it was near the dog pen. I have to figure out were I can put the shepard , while they clean up that pen.

Shadow and I have been taking nature hikes everyday. I've been collecting bark , moss , sticks , nuts , pine cones , and other natural elements for some art projects. Yesterday I made a small terrarium and I'm working on a natural collage today. I'll try to take pics later , so I can share tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week !

~ Natural Blessings ~

Thursday, February 05, 2009

~ Teaching Kids about Herbs ~

I've been reading Tansy's blog for awhile , I've especially enjoyed her post on herbs. She has started a newsletter about teaching kids about herbs , it's a wonderful newsletter and can be purchased through her etsy shop. For more information visit ...... or visit her etsy shop ........

Although my Grands are to young to learn about herbs , I've ordered it so I'll gain more knowledge about herbs and have the newsletters to share with them , when they're old enough.

Herbal Roots includes many activities , recipes , songs , stories. I highly recommend the newsletter to anyone wanting to learn about herbs , even the big kids (adults) will enjoy it. BTW if you decide to purchase a copy , please add my name as a referral in the comment box , she's giving away a copy of next month's newletter by the most referrals.
~ Green Blessings Everyone ~

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

~ Herbs & Hiking ~

The weather was colder today , but the sun was shining bright , so Shadow and I took advantage of it. We hiked through the woods for about 45 minutes , he enjoyed running in the water and jumping from bank to bank along the stream. He is so playful and a joy to watch.

I found a few herbs peeking through the dead leaves , there were a couple I'm familiar with , chickweed and wild ginger. I also found a plant that I didn't know , it has a green ovate leaf and was purple on the underside of the leaf. I plan to get my guides out tonight and see if I can identify it.

After our hike , I did a few household chores and made lunch. I made egg salad and added some of that wonderful chickweed on top , it was delish. The weatherman is calling for 1" to 3" inches of snow tonight , glad I took that hike today.
Tomorrow , I have some other herbal info I want to share.
Til then .........
~ Green Blessings ~

Monday, February 02, 2009

~ Wonderful Weather & Beautiful Feathers ~

We've had wonderful weather the last couple of days , mid 60's. I did grocery shopping earlier today , came home and let the guineas out to free range. Shadow is doing great with the guineas , guess he didn't like the whack with a stick and being locked up in the basement , from that 1st experience.
Yesterday when I went out to put the guineas in the coop , Shadow had chased them and they were in the edge of the woods . I called the guineas and they came out , I was trying to get behind them and shoo them in , but Shadow kept running and jumping at them like he was trying to keep the herd together. I finally had to run him back to the house , so I could get them in. This afternoon when I went to put them in the coop , Shadow got behind them and ran them straight in the coop , guess he showed me (LOL). I'm not sure what type of dog he is , but he has really surprised me , he's so smart and easy to train.
I've been collecting guinea feathers , their feathers are beautiful. I'll use them in some of my art projects . I'm thinking about making a feather wreath to hang on the coop.
Shadow and I took a short hike through the woods today. I found what I think might be an old mustard jar , filled with moss. I plan to use it in my fairy house / garden , that I'm planning to create soon. I also found the perfect spot for my fairy garden , can't wait to get started on it.
Hope everyone is doing well ....... What project or creative endeavors are you working on ?
~ Simple Blessings ~