Saturday, August 19, 2006


Wow ! Finally had a day to myself.Woke up and had my coffee in peace.Spent some time on the computer checking e-bay and catching up on Violette's website.Got dressed and headed out to a yard sale and the Habitat for Humanity Store.I spent about 2 hours in the HFHS,believe it or not.Found some things for my altered books ,e-bay and a couple of treasures for myself.
It was around 2:00 when I got home .Made lunch,straightened up the house and washed a couple loads of laundry.
Enjoyed the pool for a couple of hours.It felt wonderful just to have time to myself and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the coolnest of the water.
Was planning to work on some art projects tonight but a friend came over , so didn't get to it.
All an all it was a peaceful and relaxing day.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Friendship Shrines

On sunday we celebrated Curious J's birthday . I think we had about 50 to attend .It went really well.The kids enjoyed a Spongebob pinata and swimming.The adults just enjoyed the weather and friends.

Finally completed my first shrine.Kai hosted a friendship shrine trade over at Violette's website.I enjoyed making something different.Let's hope whom ever recieves mine will like it.I liked it so much I almost decided to keep it.Will post a picture after everyone recieves theirs.

Plan to start an altered book tonight.This will be a first for it too.But they look like it would be fun to create.Well , need to check e-bay and get started on the book.

Keep Creating , Joyce

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Curious J's Birthday Party

Curious J , my grandson had his second birthday August 2.
Tommorrow we are having a big birthday bash for him.
SpongeBob will be the theme.The weather is suppose to be wonderful , in the 70's.We're cooking Crabby Patties (hamburgers) and Kelp Chips (potatoe chips). I'm making punch that looks like the sea , with gummy fish .I love creating and decorating for parties.

Looking forward to seeing family and friends.

Need to start cleaning and getting prepared.Will post pictures next week.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sea Spirits

This is one of the Sea Spirit dolls I created when my ankle was broke.
The body is paper mache.Painted them and added small shells for the eyes,nose,mouth,belly button.Spanish moss for hair and a shell head-
band.Small shells were used for the jewelry also.Each doll has a sea bean which is said to bring good luck.Made fishnet from cheesecloth dyed with watered down paint.Added some sea glass and sea shells to the net.I like the way they turned out but will make some changes on the next ones I make.They're kinda wild looking , maybe I should call them Sea Hagglers.

Monday, August 07, 2006


I'm back ! I've been very slack on the blogging scene.Were do I begin?
My oldest daughter got married July 8th.It was an outdoor wedding in my backyard.Spent a month cleaning the house and yard,almost sun up to sun down.The small simple wedding (LOL)turned into a crowd of 200.
The wedding and reception were both held in my backyard.Wish I had pictures to share,but my digital camera died a couple of days before the wedding.It was a great wedding,the weather was wonderful and the ceremony was beautiful.

On July 11th,my uncle was in a wreck.He died from the injuries on July 15th.May you be at peace Uncle Don.A wedding and a death all in one week,left me feeling very stressed out.My dh and I decided to ride to the beach the weekend after the funeral.It was time for renewal from so much stress.

We visited my brother and his wife at Holden Beach.It's a small beach,family oriented and not to commericalized.There were no stop lights or hotels/motels along the beach front.Anyway I loved the area and hope to go again soon.

After the wedding , the garden started to bear, so between everything else going on , me and Mom have been canning and freezing , Greenbeans,
corn,tomatoes,okra and squash.I canned some salsa.It was the first time I had made salsa ,was pleased with the way it turned out.We had taco salad one night last week and the salsa was very tasty.

My sister's blueberries are bearing .Saturday I went blueberry picking.
I love to go berry picking , I find it very relaxing.Made fresh blueberry pancakes Sunday for brunch.They were delicious.Froze some to make blueberry cobblers later.

So as you can see , I've been very busy . Bought a new digital camera and thought it would be compatible with the dock I have . But of course not .
So now I need to purchase a new dock before I can download any pictures.

Still doing the 101 potraits , although I'm a little behind .Hoping to catch up.

Praying for Peace,Joyce