Monday, May 30, 2011

The Herb Gardens .............

I've been expanding the herb gardens and adding to the existing ones. I planted lavender , patchouli , peppermint and rosemary in between the day lilies along the pool deck. I've also been lining this bed with rocks , it's about halfway done but I may have to wait to fall to finish it unless we have some cool days. It's just to hot to be hauling rocks in this 90 + degree weather (LOL).

( Kentucky Colonel Spearmint )

This is the spot were I planted the rosemary my neighbor gave me back in the early spring , but it didn't survive. It was so large , guess it had a hard time adjusting to the relocation. I had 2 volunteer sunflowers sprout up in that area , so I added the rocks and another container of spearmint there. I plan to add a few other herbs next year and a few more sunflowers this year.

The spiral herb bed has really filled up , the lemon balm is really showing out this year. It's probably about 4 ft tall and there's baby lemon balm that have sprouted out everywhere. I added marshmallow and horehound to this bed.

I've tried to dig up this echinacea twice , but it comes back every time I've tried to move it , so guess I'll leave it there and let it spread. I have cilantro growing in this bed too.

~ Herbal Blessings ~


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Listen ..............................

All plants are our brothers and sisters.

They talk to us and if we listen , we can hear them.

( Arapaho )

Blessings , JoyceAnn

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A New Harvest Basket ..........................

A few months ago I was in a thrift store when I spotted this picnic basket , I really didn't need it since I already have several picnic baskets. But it kept calling for me to take a look , so I ask a very nice tall man that was shopping if he would get it down for me because it was on a high shelf. The basket was deep and had a beautiful cloth lining with some side pockets , one look inside and I decided it was going home with me. I figured I would use it for storage and picnics

Last week I was getting ready to harvest the red clover when I thought about that picnic basket. I've always wanted a harvest basket with a shoulder strap and thought this basket might work.

The lid was a little awkward at first , but I made it work by putting the lid away from my body. The side pouches came in handy for my camera and clippers , it made a great harvest basket.

I made red clover syrup and dried some of the blossoms for tea.
I'll definitely be using that basket alot over the next few weeks as I gather more red clover and other herbs.

~ Many Blessings ~


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

~ Yummy Homegrown Salads ~

We've been eating many homegrown salads lately , they sure are yummy. I had 3 out of 6 cauliflowers that did really well , this one measured about 8 inches wide. Last year I tried to grow cauliflower but it didn't head at all , so I'm really proud of this one.

The side sprouts from the broccoli are going into the salad bowl. They're really tender and perfect for eating raw.

This was the first year I grew romaine lettuce and I've been really pleased with it. I'll definitely grow more next year. I've actually been considering building a greenhouse , we could probably grow lettuce all winter in our climate.

We're about to finish up the radishes , they've added a little zing ...... to the salad bowl.

A few small kale leaves and leaf lettuce mix rounded out this salad. Ummm ~ so good !

~ Garden Blessings ~

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Enjoying Spring .........................

Curious J and Little Froggy enjoy a ride around the farmette with Pa.

Then they had fun double ....................

Swinging !

Little Froggy has been with me 3 days this week , he had a stomach virus. But it didn't stop him from eating the small carrots we dug out of the garden.

I love the way they play until they just fall a sleep sitting up

or .....................

hanging over the couch (LOL).

~ Spring Blessings ~


Sunday, May 08, 2011

Friday, May 06, 2011

Earthworm Digging ..............

It's been so busy around a farmette , but there are precious moments that happen every now and then. One of those moments was last Saturday morning when Little Missy , Little Froggy and Little Time wanted to dig for earthworms.

Little Time thought the worms were funny , he kept giggling when the worms squirmed (LOL).

Little Missy wasn't sure if she wanted to touch that wiggly thing , but since then she picks them up with no problem.

Little Froggy is the pro at worm digging , he loves bugs , worms and every thing about gardening.

I enjoyed watching their reactions , it was definitely a precious moment.

Hope you all have had a wonderful week !

~ Many Blessings ~

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival

A week ago today , Dh and I headed out to the Shakori Hills Festival , we were planning to go on Friday before Easter , but it was a cold rainy day so we didn't go. Keith Secola was performing Friday and Sunday night. Our Easter gathering was planned for Sunday afternoon , but after talking with the family , they all agreed we should go and we would have our gathering on Monday. They all know I'm a big fan of Keith Secola ~ ~ and he hasn't been to the festival in a year or so. It was a beautiful day , the weather was perfect and we really enjoyed seeing the local band pictured above Dark Water Rising ~ ~ . They're a Native American band from Robeson N.C. , home of the Lumbee Tribe .

Keith Secola's show was a tribute to the different Native American Tribes at the festival , he was joined on stage by Pura Fe and John Lakota Locklear ~ .

His show also featured Moontee Sinquah , who was the world champion hoop dancer in 2008.

This is Moontee's son , he performed with his Dad. The pictures aren't great , it was getting dark , we were under the dance tent and I was taking them sitting down. We had a great time though , eat some frybread and did a round dance to his song called " Frybread ".

~ Many Blessings ~