Thursday, June 28, 2007

~~ Garden Time ~~

I haven't had much computer time , the garden is bearing and I've been busy.
I'm trying to make sweet pickles for the first time. They look pretty good so far.
It's an 8 day process , so you have to be patient.
We've cut all the broccoli and cabbage and got the onions out this week. Will be awhile before we dig the potatoes.
Cucumbers , peppers and Squash are bearing like crazy , you have to pick everyday.
We are going to freeze some of the squash and pickle the peppers. Some of the peppers will be chopped and froze to use in spaghetti or recipes calling for peppers. We did this last year and it really saved alot of money during the winter months , when bell peppers were .99 each.
The tomatoes will start turning in July. I'm planning to make salsa when they come in , fresh and canned.

So if I don't post much in the coming weeks , you'll know I'm in the garden or the kitchen.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Although I didn't know Daisy very well , I feel great sadness for her family , friends and all the Glitter Power Sisters who are feeling a great loss. May each one of you be blessed with some comfort at this time. Take some time to reflect and know that she will always be with you in spirit.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

~ CAW ~ CAW ~ CAW ~

Went to the P.O. today and my crow package had arrived . CAW ! I so impressed with this swap , they're each so special in their own way. I hope to find time to put my book together this weekend.
Pam , Thanks for hosting this swap. Although it was alot of work , I'm ready for another altered chunky book swap.
Hope everyone has a magiCAWL weekend !!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Take Time to Smell the Butterfly Roses

I finally took sometime to create this little Garden Fairy. She's an altered creation titled " Take Time to Smell the Butterfly Roses". It felt good to make something , its been awhile since I've had time to do any art. I've listed her on e-bay and hope she sells. If you enjoy making altered art , checkout e-bay. Altered art seems to do well on e-bay , I've sold an altered Garden book and another piece on e-bay. I just need to get busy and create more items to sell.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

No Lounging for Me !

Didn't get to lounge by the pool this past weekend , don't know what I was thinking. Saturday , I spent most of the morning packing and shipping some stuff I sold on e-bay. Saturday was like grand central station here , company all day and my youngest daughter's boyfriend wanted to take us out for dinner.I was planning to go to wal-mart after dinner , needed to pickup some items for the baby shower , I was helping host Sunday. My sister , Aunt and her boyfriend came over and I didn't get to wal-mart , so I had to go Sunday morning.

We had my SIL's baby shower Sunday . She received so many clothes , seems everyone wanted to buy those cute girl clothes. Last week , her doctor said they were going to induce labor a couple of weeks early , she has gestational diabetes and they don't want the baby to get large. Glad we decided to have the shower this month , we didn't want to have it in July because of vacations.

We finally got the much needed rain Saturday night.The garden will keep me busy now.

Monday I went with my oldest daughter for an ultrasound. We thought we would find out the sex of the baby , but it was to early to tell. They sent her for a ultrasound because they thought she might be further along than we first thought. Turns out she isn't and they projected her due to be Nov 23 instead of the 28th. So I guess we might be at the hospital for Thanksgiving.

My youngest daughter went to the doctor Wed. , her projected due date is Dec. 15th.

I started this post Tuesday and was going to start over , but I decided I would just add to it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend !!

Friday, June 01, 2007

~~~***~~~ Winner ~~~***~~~

And the winner is .............. Angela !

I had my little sidekick draw the name out of a bowl. Curious Jake drew your name , Angela. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for your wonderful comment you left yesterday.

Well the weekend is here and I finally got the pool ready. We've had a chilly and very dry May , so I didn't rush with getting the pool ready.But it's ready now and I'll be lounging by the pool this weekend. I think I'm due a good mixed drink and I may read one of those steamy , corny romances. Sometimes they're fun to read for an escape of everyday reality and they always have a fairy tale ending. (lol)

I cut all the broccoli this week and have been busy steaming and freezing it. If we don't get some rain soon , everything in the garden is going to die. It's been really dry and the rain we have got was just sprinkles. Anyway at this point , not much to do in the garden but pray for rain.

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend !