Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blessed with Rain !

It's raining ! Just what the garden needs , everything should start growing now. I'm going to plant a row of sunflowers this weekend . Sunflowers are very special to the Cherokee. They protect and draw the sun to your garden. They were considered sacred because they held an important job.
I sure do miss my Dad , he loved this time of year and was a great gardener. I'm sure he is smiling and happy that we are carrying on the tradition,

Robyn hosted a Hippy Swap and I received Lisa Oceandreamer as my swap partner. I have been creating a simple altered book for this swap. Each pocket holds some treasures to take you back in time. I 'm posting a photo of the front cover ,the peace sign is glittery , the photo doesn't do it justice.It was so much fun to make. Hope it makes you Smile , Lisa !

Peace & Hugs to everyone !

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Planting the Garden !

It's time to start planting our garden. Last Friday we planted 4 rows of potatoes and on Saturday we planted a whole row of broccoli . We planted cabbage and onions also. These are cool weather plants and can be planted early in the season.
Will have to wait a couple of weeks to plant the seeds , need to make sure the frost is past.
My Momma and I created this silly fence to hopefully deter the deer , racoons and other woodland creatures. We made 2 scarecrow women , I think they're kinda cute. Does anyone have any other ideas for keeping the wildlife away.
Now if the creator will bless us with rain , we should have some wonderful fresh veggies.

I've finished the One World ~ One Heart Altered book and will be mailing it out tommorrow. The hippy swap will be mailed tommorrow also. Now I've got to make time to do those crow pages and start on the charm swap.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Planting the Garden / Spring Cleaning

We're planting the garden and I'm doing some spring cleaning. Will try to post some garden photos tommorrow.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

One World ~~~ One Heart Giveaway

This is the back cover that will be altered.

Today is the day we have all been waiting for !
Giveaway Day !

I've enjoyed creating this book and I hope that the winner will enjoy it.
Your visits and comments have been a pleasure to read each day.I hope you will visit again.Some of your comments will be used to make tags for this book.
I'm posting some of the tags (click on photo to enlarge ).

I will ship book next week , I still have some finishing touches to add and need to take pictures of the completed book. After the winner receives the book , I will post pictures of the completed project.

And now Curious J will draw a name from a paper bag !!

Congrats to Ms. Sammy !!!

Thanks to everyone who entered and a special thank-you to Lisa Oceandreamer for creating this giveaway.It's always great to meet new artist and wonderful people.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

One World ~~~ One Heart ~~~ Giveaway

Time for Christmas !!

Page 14

Tommorrow I will post the back cover of book , the last page.

The giveaway will be tommorrow , make sure you leave a comment !

One World ~~~ One Heart

One World ~~~ One Heart ~~~ Giveaway

Ah ! The winter snow ........
Gotta build a snowwoman !!

My favorite part of winter is watching it snow
and creating a snow person !
Hot Chocolate and a big ole bowl of chili !

Hope you like Ms. Lady. Remember she's not

Please leave a comment !
Drawing will be held tommorrow night !

Monday, March 19, 2007

One World ~~~ One Heart ~~~ Giveaway

What a Peaceful winter scene ....
Mother Fairy and Little Fae.

My Giveaway ...........

One World ~~~ One Heart
Four ~~~~~~ Seasons
Altered Book

Please leave a comment to enter giveaway.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

One World ~~~ One Heart ~~~ Giveaway

Yes , She's the Queen of the Spooky Fairies ! ~~~~~~~

Spreading Magical Adventures on Hallo'ween !

Page 11

Boo ! Be sure to leave a comment.

This is the last page about Autumn / Fall , time for some winter magic.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Frida Kahlo Swap

WoW ! I loved this swap. I wasn't familiar with Frida or her art and it was very interesting to study and learn about her life and art.
The color , passion and pain in her artwork is so interesting. I think I can relate with her artwork because I've had my share of pain. I was in a serious work related accident many years ago and deal with the emotional effects everyday. I don't dwell on what happened , but seeing her art made me understand what she is saying through her artwork. It may seem very dark to some people , but they were her life experiences.

The 4x4 portrait was done by Judie MacawHead , I think she did a wonderful job.
Judie , Would that be Mz. Wee on your shoulder ?
I'm also posting the backside of this portrait , just look at what Judie did.
So colorful and wonderful !

My ATC was created by Kai , it's lovely too. Ms. Kai did a very glittery Frida.
I tried to take a photo of backside of the ATC , but I kept getting a glare.

This is what it said on back .... "

I drank to drown my Pain ,
but the damned Pain
learned how to swim
and now I overwhelmed
by this decent and good
behavior "

Frida Kahlo
1907 - 1954

Thanks Pam for hosting this swap , it was great.

One World ~~~ One Heart ~~~ Giveaway

This curious little fairy ......
is closely inspecting natures' art.

Page - 10

If this is your first time visiting my Giveaway. I am creating a altered paper bag book about the 4 seasons. There will be 4 pages for each season.

Some of the pages have been inspired by your comments. On the 1st post about the book , I ask you to tell me about your favorite season. I received some wonderful answers. I have contacted some of you about using your comments to make tags for the book.

This book will feature faeries , flowers and fun glittery whimsical things.

Would love to hear more comments about the seasons !
Tell us your favorite season or something about each season.
In the first post , I said you were welcome to enter as many times as you wish.
So enter on each page if you wish.

And REMEMBER this isn't a completed page , I'm only showing the start of each page. The WINNER will see the completed book before I post the completed pages.

One World ~~~ One Heart ~~~ One World ~~~ One Heart ~~~ One World ~~~ One Heart ~~~ Make A Wish !!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One World ~~~ One Heart ~ Giveaway

~~~ Sunflowers ~~

This Fairy is sprinkling Sunflowers everywhere !
Gotta have some Sunflower seeds for those birds !

~~~ Page 9 ~~~

If this is your first visit , please leave a comment
on any page about the giveaway. This book is a work
in progress and pages aren't complete.
The WINNER will see completed book before they are
shown again.

Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you will drop
in often.Wishing you a wonderful week !

Monday, March 12, 2007

One World ~~~ One Heart Giveaway ~ Page 8

Fall has this little fairy ......
frolicking amid the colored splendor of the season !

Tell me what you like most about fall~~~~~The faeries would love to know !

Remember , this isn't the finished page. The winner will see completed pages before I show them again.

Please leave a comment on any page about the One World ~ One Heart Giveaway !

Sunday, March 11, 2007

One World ~~~ One Heart ~ Page 7

Star Bright ~~~ Summer Night

The faeries have come out to play on a Star Bright ~~~ Summer Night.
They're chasing dragonflies and fireflies.

This is the last page about summer.
What is your favorite thing about summer ?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

One World ~~~ One Heart Giveaway

Anyone Love Gerber Daisies ?

Then this page is for you !
I love these colorful daisies too.
Please leave a comment on any or all post about the
One World ~~~ One Heart Giveaway !

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

One World ~~~ One Heart Giveaway

Page 5 ~~~~~ Daisies
Daisies are one of my favorite flowers .I love how this page is turning out , I almost finished it before posting , but I caught myself.
Please leave a comment on any post about the giveaway .
What else has been going on in my life ?
My oldest daughter had her 28th birthday sunday.We had a get together at my Mom's sunday to celebrate.
I have been working some in the spare bedroom , sorting and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.My dh is restoring his 66 mustang and has some car parts stored in there , they have to stay. It's a slow going process , but hopefully I'll have a workspace soon.
I've been working on the altered book , as time allows. I 'm enjoying creating the pages and having fun reading everyone's comments.This giveaway is helping me get in the habit of blogging everyday. Thank-you for visiting and commenting.Hope everyone is having a great week.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

One World ~~~ One Heart Giveaway

Page 4 ~~~ This little fairy caught some ................................

***** Summer Magic *****

One World ~~~ One Heart


My giveaway will be a altered paper bag , full of whimsy , faeries , flowers , and seasonal bliss.

Please leave a comment , story , quote or favorite thing about your favorite season !
Little Reminder - The pages I'm posting are works in progress , not the completed page.
Winner will see completed book first !
Hope you're Blessed with a Magical Day !

Sunday, March 04, 2007

One World ~~~ One Heart

Page 3
This will be page 3 of my altered paper bag book. The little birdie told me , he's bringing a sweet smelling flower to add beauty to this page.
Please leave a comment about the seasons to enter giveaway.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

One World ~~~ One Heart Giveaway

One World ~~~ One Heart
This is the first page of my altered paper bag book.
The background has been dry brushed with sage green and turquoise acrylic paint.Added some magazine cutouts and a paper doll cutout with butterfly wings.I've added a bottlecap and a small piece of corragated cardboard to give it some texture and pop effect.
Someone mentioned irises , what a wonderful spring surprise.
Gotta go , the fairy is calling me to finish this page.
Leave a comment to win !!

Friday, March 02, 2007

One World ~~~ One Heart Giveaway

Page 2

This page will be called One Heart. Gotta love the birdhouse with a heart.This page is dedicated to Oceandreamer , she loves singing birds in the springtime and we know she loves pink.

Remember , this is not a completed page. The winner will see the completed page first.Click on photo for larger view.

Just keep adding your thoughts , memories or anything about the seasons.You are welcome to enter as many times as you wish !

One World ~~~ One Heart

Thursday, March 01, 2007

One World ~~~ One Heart ~~~ Giveaway

One World ~~~~~~~~ One Heart

Lisa Oceandreamer has come up with an idea for a giveway , see the link below.

This is my first Giveaway / Contest . I will be giving away an altered paper bag book. This book will be about the four seasons and faeries. I will be sharing the making of the book as it comes together over the next 21 days. Hoping you will drop by and leave me some inspiration.

To Enter Giveaway ......... leave your comments , stories , quotes or your favorite things about each season . You are welcome to comment as many times as you wish. Each time will count as an entry. Some of the comments may inspire the pages I create for this book.

I'm posting a photo of the cover , but remember it is still a work in progress , not the final results. I will be posting pics of the pages as I create them , but they will not be the completed page.

After the contest ends and the winner recieves the book , I will post the completed book , page by page.

Giveaway ends March 20th

Winner will be announced March 21 st !

A special thank-you to Lisa for this wonderful idea !

Spread the Love , Spread the Giving

Spread the Word !