Tuesday, September 25, 2007

* Making Pine Needle Tea *

I made my tea from the white pine tree , Judie I don't think it is as strong as other pines , although you can use them too.
Kelly I just picked the fresh pine needles and used my kitchen shears to snip them. I used a coffee filter to hold the snipped needles and then twisted the top of filter and tied it with string.
I boiled some water while I was preparing the needles , poured hot water over the tea bag and let it seep for 5 to 10 minutes. It didn't taste strong to me. I have been drinking a few cups everyday over the last week or so. I feel better , but I still have some congestion and it is helping to expel it.

Hope this answered your questions.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Pine Needle Tea ~~~ Congestion ~~~ Crazy

My hubby said , people would think I was crazzeee. I made some white pine needle tea last week when I was sick. Cherokee people believed it was sacred medicine , good for congestion and breathing problems. I had never tried it before , but decided I should , if it was good for my ancestors , it should be good for me. I was impressed with the tea , it definitely brought up the congestion and helped with shortness of breath.

My family has been looking at me strange lately , as I try these natural herbs.
I do believe the creator created these plants to help us and we need to get back to the natural way.

So , people might think I'm crazy , but I feel so much better.

I've been working on my mermaid swap this morning. I've got my mermaid completed , now I've got to make a ATC.

I'm headed to the kitchen to pickle some more peppers and make some white pine needle vinegar.

Just call me Crazzeee !!

Friday, September 21, 2007

O.k. , so Curious J started pre-school last week and I've been sick every since. I'm just starting to feel better. I missed my first Wild , Edible and Medicinal Plants class , the 1st class was last Thur and I awoke with a fever that day. The class is every other week , so maybe I can start next week.

The only thing left in the garden are jalapenos peppers , the deer ate the okra last week. They also ate the bell peppers , banana peppers and cheyenne peppers. I couldn't believe they ate the cheyenne , but they did. I saw a mother and two young ones grazing in the garden last week , I guess the young ones ate those peppers. I bet they were running for water. Hot ~ Hot ~ Hot !
I received my seed garlic last week. I ordered it from Hood River Garlic , you can check them out at www.hoodrivergarlic.com . This will be my first time planting garlic , I will start preparing the beds in the next two weeks. The garlic will be planted around the end of Oct. Hope it does well.

Wishing Ms. Judiemacawhead and Janet a very Happy Birthday !!!

This weekend we will be closing the pool up for the winter , good-bye summer - hello to Fall.

Hope your week-end is blessed with happiness !!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Busy Week ~~~ Need another Vacation !!

I started this post last week and never finished it. My oldest daughter and her husband have been staying at my house while they do some remodeling. It has been hard to find a quiet moment to blog. So I'm posting what I started last week , I saved it and was going to take some pics but my batteries were dead in the digital camera and I had to charge them. Then I didn't get a chance to take the pics or get to the computer.
It was a very busy Labor Day weekend. On Saturday , my daughters , sister-in-law and I went to some yard sales. We only found 2 , one was being held at The Performing Arts School , wish we would have got there earlier. They had arts and crafts items , very good prices. The second yard sale had plus size maternity , my youngest daughter got a few items there. We also found a great children's consignment shop called " Kid to Kid ". I bought Jake a pair of swimming trunks for next year , two outfits for the grandbabies that will be here before long and a little mermaid swimsuit for Ayla. I also found Ayla a halloween sleeper , it is orange with spiders and said " Silly Spiders " , it's very cute.

On Sunday we had a cookout for my Mom's birthday. Her birthday was August 28th , but we decided to wait and cookout the weekend.
Monday we went to a birthday party for my 2 nephews , they had birthdays on the 2nd and 5th of Sept.

Tuesday , I was up at 5:00 a.m. , I had to take my sister to the hospital , she was scheduled for surgery at 6:15 a.m. She had a complete hysterectomy. They found some cancerous cells on her uterus a month ago.
The surgery went well and they believe they got all the cells. Hopefully , she will heal and be cancer free. She came home yesterday and is starting the healing phase.
Mom and I cooked dinner for her last night. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayer.