Thursday, March 27, 2008

~ Seed Potatoes ~ Onion Sets ~

This year we are growing our potatoes from the potatoes we grew last year. We had lots of small potatoes left from last year and they were full of sprouts , so we planted those Wednesday. We planted 1 row of red potatoes and 3 rows of white potatoes. The red potatoes didn't store well over the winter , this year we will eat them first and can the extras.
Thursday morning I planted 1 lb of white onions ,1 lb of yellow onions and 1/2 lb of red onions. I still have 2 1/2 lbs left and will store them until Fall or plant them if I have any extra space.

I also planted 30 cabbage plants. I planted marigolds between some of the cabbages , hoping it will deter rabbits and maybe deer. Last year we put dried hot pepper pods on the corn and strung some through the peas and butterbeans , the deer didn't bother them at all. We plan to add plenty of hot peppers throughout the garden this year.

My youngest daughter gave me this wonderful gardening bag. Now I can keep my tools , seeds and other needs together. I plan to plant broccoli , spinach and some more lettuce this weekend.

~ Green Blessings to Everyone ~ JoyceAnn

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

~ Easter Fun ~

Easter came early this year , it was chilly outside but the egg hunt went on. Kids never complain about the weather , they 're always ready. We hid 160 eggs and they were all found.
I didn't get to make the Easter pinata this year , so I added bunny ears and hung a egg from the beak of a parrot pinata my sister had purchased last year. Have you ever seen a Easter Parrot ?

We played ~ Chubby Bunny ~ the marshmallow game. My Sil won the adult game of chubby bunny and an Angel won the kids game. We play egg toss with boiled and raw eggs , makes it interesting ~ you never know which egg is coming at you.
It was a fun~filled day , I enjoyed seeing all the kids smiling and having fun.
~ Hope Your Easter was Blessed with many Smiles ~

Sunday, March 23, 2008

~ Happy Easter ~

~ Praying for Peace ~ Love and Happiness ~

For my Family

For my Friends

For the World

Happy Easter !!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Seeds ~ Sloggers ~ Soul Collage

My plans for the weekend didn't quite come together. DH did get the garden ready for planting , but the rain came before we could get any planting done. I'm thankful for the rain we're receiving , each drop brings us closer to being drought free. It'll be a wonderful growing season if we continue to get rain each week .
I ordered some seeds a couple of weeks ago and received them last week. Most of these seeds are hard to find in my area.

Bloomsdale Savory ~ Spinach
Dipper Gourd
Echinacea purpurea ~ Purple Cone Flower ~ Herb
Greek Pepperoncini ~ Salad Pepper
Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin
Kabocha Squash ~ Spaghetti Squash
Kentucky Wonder Beans
Large Red Cherry Tomato
Leaf Lettuce Salad Bowl
Nasturtium Jewel Mix ~ Deters Pest
Sweet Spanish Onions
Tall Mammouth Sunflowers

Last week I went to the Farmer's Alliance Store , an old general store to pick-up some onion bulbs and other seeds. While I was there I found these garden shoes , they're called ~ Sloggers ~ these garden clogs are * Made in the USA * and were only 12.00 , I couldn't believe the price. I have a pair of the cheap crocs for gardening , but they always end up full of dirt and rocks , hoping these will be better for gardening. Check-out for garden wear.

I created a soul collage about gardening a couple of weeks ago. Gardening does feed my body and soul. I've been thinking about starting ~ Journal Collages ~ , for myself. I would do collages on front and journaling , notes , quotes and anything else I wanted to add on back. I may start these today.

" what the country needs is dirter fingernails and cleaner minds "
Will Rogers

Hoping to get my fingernails dirty this week , if it dries up.

~ Love & Hugs ~ JoyceAnn

Friday, March 14, 2008

~ Spring Fever ~

The weather has been gorgeous this week , the flowers are beautiful this year. We've been getting much needed rain , drought conditions are getting better.
Yesterday I spent time in the garden , weeding the garlic. The garlic looks good and strong. Next week I plan to fertilize it with some fish emulsion. I hope to have a totally natural /organic garden this year. We've got onions sprouting up from last year , the ground didn't get wet enough for the bulbs to sprout up last year. Hoping to get some potatoes , onions , broccoli and cabbage planted this weekend .I also want to start some seeds and plant some leaf lettuce.
I picked a few herbs yesterday and tossed them in my salad last night. A few dandelion leaves , wild violet leaves and chickweed , tossed into a bowl of iceberg lettuce , carrots and onions made for a delightful salad. I haven't been very creative lately , but I guess this salad counts. I have a few things I need to add to my ~ Create Everyday ~ blog , I haven't give up on the create everyday challenge.

~ Wishing everyone a Wonderful Weekend ~

Sunday, March 09, 2008

* ~ * Woo Hoo ~ Composting Worms * ~ *

Spring fever has set in and I'm ready to get in the garden. It's early yet , so decided I would get some composting worms and try my hand at vermiculture/vermicomposting. I ordered a pound of red wigglers on Sat. and they arrived in the mail on Wed.

These worms are suppose to make the best compost . I thought this would be a great environmental project for Curious J and I to explore. I had a plastic tote we turned into a worm bin , my dear husband drilled holes in the top and bottom. I tore newspaper into 1 inch strips and soaked them in water ,wrung out the water , wet newspaper makes the bed for the worms , also added some decaying leaves and some composting soil from my compost pile.
I tried to get Curious J to hold a worm , but this little boy wouldn't touch a worm. I guess he's not your typical country boy , he did dump them in the bin and loved watching them. We will be feeding them all our veggie scraps , coffee grounds , filters and stale bread. Hopefully we'll have rich dark soil in about 6 months and Curious J will have a lesson about the food chain and how nature takes care of us if we don't destroy it.
~ Green Blessings to Everyone ~

Thursday, March 06, 2008

~ * ~ Thanks ~ * ~

Things are slowly starting to get back to normal here. I received this wonderful mermaid doll from Groggy Froggy , I won her in the One World ~ One Heart giveaway. She's beautiful and is hanging in my bathroom right now , she will be spending time out by the pool this summer. The box she came in was sooo... cute and she was wrapped and tied with a wonderful ribbon. Wish I would have taken a pic before I unwrapped her. Thanks Lisa , she is truly treasured.

Last week I also received a wonderful card from Nature Girl. I've never seen a pet sympathy card before , it was heartfelt and meant so much to me. Thank - you Nature Girl ~ Loved the poem about the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank-you to everyone that left a kind comment , each one was very special to me.

~ Wishing you a great weekend with many Blessings ~