Monday, May 22, 2006


I took this photo from inside my dining room.He was a handsome little buck.Would have been picture perfect,if my windows were clean.Nature offers so much natural beauty.This little fellow was munching on some honeysuckers.Do you know what honeysuckers are?It's another natural beauty,a wild vine that blooms these trumpet shaped flowers.They smell so good and you can pull them off the vine and bite the end off and suck the nectar out.They're so sweet and delicious !

My little bluejay made it through Friday night.Saturday afternoon I put him on the ground,hoping he would try to fly.I went in the house for a while and when I went to check on him,he had died.I buried him and said a prayer.HOPE he has a wonderful journey to the spirit world.


judie said...

Amazing you can get such a wonderful nature pic from your backyard.

Kai said...

he's handsome, what a lovely friend you have!!
PEave, Kai.