Wednesday, April 14, 2010

~ Around the Farmette ~

~ A few of the guineas dust bathing ~

~ Guinea Nest ~

~ Mr. Sneaky Snake ~

The Monday after Easter I found the first guinea nest of the season , but there was an unwelcome visitor that had found the nest also. He was huge , I hope to capture him and remove him from the premises soon. He has gotten away twice now , he went under the logs near the nest the first time I saw him. Yesterday I spotted him coiled up in a rotted tree trunk while I was picking dandelions , I could tell he had eaten a few eggs. I made the mistake of taking a picture and he went back inside the tree. So , I'm on a snake hunt , hope to capture him soon. He wasn't near the nest I saw him at the last time , so I wonder if we have another nest somewhere , of course it could be another sneaky snake.

~ Ms. Violet ~

~ Buttercup ~

~ Ms. Rose ~

~ Dandelion ~

~ Ms. Iris ~

I finally gave the new girls names , Spring inspired flowery names for them. The egg production has been off , suspected they might be laying somewhere else. I've been looking for a hidden nest , but so far I haven't found one. I did find a chicken egg in the guinea nest above. I've been keeping a close check on that nest and I haven't found anymore chicken eggs in the nest and there doesn't appear to be any eggs missing. So maybe I scared Mr. Sneaky Snake away from that nest.

Jazz and Joy have adapted to their new surroundings , they cry each time they see me. They're letting me pet them while they eat their sweet feed and every once in awhile they come close to see if I have anything else. They have escaped twice through the makeshift gate , but they didn't stray very far. The chickens run from them and they chase the chickens , thinking the chickens are playing , it's a cute sight. We've gathered some free chain link fencing and hope to get started on their permanent fencing this weekend. They're living in the chicken run right now , the fencing is fine , it's the makeshift gate they keep knocking down or finding away around. I've been letting them out in the afternoon for a little while so they can romp and run while I'm feeding the chickens a snack , filling water containers , picking violets or dandelions. Lilly Belle has turned out to be quite useful , she stays busy looking for mice. I've found several in the yard that she has taken care of , but she doesn't eat them. Now , if I could just train her to take them into the woods or somewhere besides the yard (LOL).

Hope everyone is having a great week :0)

~ Many Blessings ~



Piecefulafternoon said...

Lovely day at the farmette - hope Mr. Sneaky Snake sneaks away. Maybe you could lure him into a safe trap with an egg or two. LOL

JoyceAnn said...

Hi JoAnn ~ That might work , may give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

~ Be Blessed ~

Lib said...

I Love your place so peaceful and relaxing!;o)
Good luck catching mr. sneaky!