Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm Ready for Spring ..........................................

The weather has kept me busy lately. One day last week I helped hubby load firewood , we're going through a lot of wood this winter. Friday I spent the day mulching the garlic again , the chickens had scratched the leaves away and the wind took care of the rest. Since the weatherman was calling for snow on Saturday and Monday , I decided I needed to give it a little protection.

The snow that was expected this past Saturday didn't amount to anything. We had a burst of snowflakes that didn't last long , so no accumulation. Yesterday it started snowing , we had a ground cover right away. But it stopped after awhile only to start again late yesterday afternoon. The guineas roosted outside again last night , although the weatherman was calling for sleet and freezing rain overnight.

We awoke to treacherous conditions this morning , snow on the ground , covered with a layer of sleet and ice from the freezing rain. The grass was coated with ice , sounded like you're walking on potato chips (LOL).

The sidewalk was ice covered , walking on ice isn't my idea of fun. I don't mind the snow , but all this ice is a different story. I'm ready for Spring , how about you ?
~ Many Blessings ~


edenhills said...

I don't like ice either. I must say, after last winter, this one has been a piece of cake so far. I'm grateful this is only our second big storm.


Lib said...

I can send you all the snow you want .Lol

AkasaWolfSong said...

I love winter so I am in no big hurry for spring...

We got about 1 1/2 inches of snow last night into today but it really isn't a big deal in my part of the world...I think tomorrow will bring us another inch or so and the some this weekend too. That is when we will fall into a deep freeze for a bit. I don't mind as long as I have everything I need, so tomorrow I will stock up for the week ahead and be content.
I loved your sharing about it sounding like you were walking on potato chips, lol. Very good way to describe it!
I don't like walking on ice either!!! Too old for that stuff!
You take care and be careful...
Love and Blessings!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Watch that ice, you don't want to go falling now. I don't like ice either but in my part of the world we get it like it or not. My daughter got me a pair of ice grips for my sneakers for christmas. I walk twice a day so I have to watch my step. Forecast for us tomorrow is for another Nor'Easter - snow, snow, snow and winds. Not a good combination at all.

AkasaWolfSong said...

JoyceAnn...by all means copy and paste the poem and pass it on...we want it to go viral..my whole point in contacting Rachel.
You'll get a better view on my blog Stone Soup!

Thanks for passing this along and make sure you go say hello to Rachel? Please?

Thanks Love!

Jeanne said...

Don't like the ice - don't mind the snow.
Stay safe. Stay warm. Spring isn't far off! :0)

Piecefulafternoon said...

Oooo be careful on that ice. We had a big snowstorms of 5-7 inches on Tuesday night and it began to rain at about 1 a.m. and all the snow was almost all melted the next morning - we got to skip the ice part.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Me too! I can't wait to try
Clover Soup and make more
Clover Syrup! Going to try
and make lots more. Only
have one batch left.

Lovely Photos!

God Bless You and Yours!!!