Friday, April 15, 2011

Battling Cabbage Worms ............................

Farm Friend Friday ~

I've been battling those dreaded cabbage worms this week. I handpicked all that I could find , dropped them in a plastic container with a little water then feed them to the chickens when I was finished. It brought back memories of helping on my Grand Daddy's farm , he raised tobacco and looking back I guess he did it organically. Each summer he would give each of the grands an old recycled tin can , our job was to pick the tobacco worms aka horn worms off the tobacco plants. We would go up and down the rows grabbing those worms and throwing them in the can. When we were finished , he had us pour them out on the ground , he would inspect them. He paid us a penny for the small worms and a nickel for the large worms ( LOL ). Yep , that's why we were so eager to help gather worms. It was fun and put a jingle in our pockets. I realize now that Grand Daddy was also teaching us a wonderful lesson in life , he taught us good work ethic and organic gardening before it was hip ( LOL ).
But , I have became a little lazier in my old age , so I make an organic dust to help with the problem now. I put about 2 cups of all purpose flour , some garlic powder and ground red pepper into a plastic coffee can. Shake it well to mix , punch a few holes in the top and sprinkle it on the plants. It works fairly well , but I've still had to handpick a few worms , but that's o.k. , cause I'm not afraid of no worm (LOL).

~ Farm Friend Blessings ~



Anonymous said...

I'm definitely going to have to try this organic homemade worm repellant! Thanks.


farmer said...

I plant sage and dill next to all brassicas,I have not had to deal with worms since.
The strong smell deters the moth from laying.
It also prevents flea beetle.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi ~ Thanks for the wonderful tip ! I'm going to give it a try.

~ Farm Friend Blessings ~

Peggy said...

We use to do the same thing as kids but only got a penny a worm. LOL This is the first year I didn't plant any cabbage but will keep that mix handy for other plants. Thanks. Have a wonderful blessed Sunday!

judie said...

eeew! Sorry Joyce Ann, can't help it. Only worm I will touch is a caterpillar or an earthworm. xoxo