Thursday, August 04, 2011

A Long Hot Summer ...............

It's been a long hot summer , 100 degree temps and no rain made for a very puny garden. Yesterday morning after milking Ms. Jazz , I made my way through the garden and found one cucumber. I've only harvested about a dozen cucumbers this year. The zinnias are trying to bloom , so I picked a few of them and some wild herbs to make a flower arrangement , needed something to lift my spirit.

Then I saw this beautiful butterfly trying to gather nectar from an almost dead red clover bloom .............

And realized the goldenrod is starting to bloom , a sign that Fall will be here soon. I'm looking forward to Fall bringing cooler temps and hopefully lots of rain.

The poke berries are starting to ripen and turn black , another sign that Fall is around the corner.

The sunflowers seem pretty happy , they stand tall and hold their heads high. The heat and drought doesn't seem to bother them much.

And speaking of a Spirit Lifter ....... Works everytime !!

~ Bee Blessed ~



Anonymous said...

It has been a long hot summer. My poor garden is now suffering from being sprayed when they got my beans. I'm ready to give up. Love the sunflower~it really does lift the spirit.


AkasaWolfSong said...

Beautiful, just beautiful JoyceAnn! Yes, it has been a strange year for the garden...everything looks so they've had enough too.

Hope your weekend is cooler and perhaps a nice gentle rain thrown in for good measure.

Blessings to You!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

We've been having nothing but rain around these parts lately. Beginning of summer it was so dry the ground was all cracked and now there's water all over the place. Love your sunflowers.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Teresa ~ Sorry to hear about your garden.

Hi Wolfsong ~ Thank~you , we could really use the rain.

Hi Vickie ~ If you'll send some of that rain our way , I'll send some sun your way (LOL).