Thursday, December 28, 2006

Favorite Gifts

Was planning to post a drawing of my favorite gifts , as Violette had suggested.But I didn't get a chance to draw tonight.So maybe tommorrow.
Curious J kept me busy today.I got him a tickle and giggle Curious George for Christmas and he doesn't like it.He loves to watch his shows but he doesn't want to touch this monkey.Maybe in time he will come to love it.He did love the Curious George tool box I got him.
This is the beautiful card I received from Glitter Sis Pam.
Hope everyone's having a Peaceful day !


Janet said...

What a pretty card! I did just a tiny bit of drawing yesterday but none today. My studio is a mess. Maybe that's why I don't feel very creative!!

Sioux said...

Beautiful card...I love Pam's designs. She sent me one I really treasure.

Lisa said...

I love how Pam's cards were all different yet you can tell they're Pam's. :)

I have cards I want to post, too. I've been so lazy about taking pictures. Maybe I'll get that done today.

Gemma said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.Wishing you a very Happy New Year!