Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Memory Ornament

This is the memory ornament I made for my family.My Dad loved the ocean and fishing. I covered the silk ball with a shirt he wore to my daughter's wedding. Added some shells , seaweed , small pieces of cork and real beach sand. The fishing pole was made from bamboo we used at my daughter's wedding. Those little fish are from a bracelet I found at the dollar store. A twine bow , little feather and a picture charm added the final touches.They turned out great and everyone loved them.We shed a few tears , but I know they will be treasured for years to come.


judie said...

That's wonderful, JoyceAnn. I know your dad's spirit is hovering ever near and loving you even more. And it's beautiful!

Lisa said...

The ornament and the Warrior poem are just beautiful tributes.

Janet said...

I really like the ornament because you used things that meant something to you and your dad.

(PS - Thank you for the Christmas card. I just now tracked you down!! I didn't know the name of your blog! I finally saw a comment from you on someone's blog and found you that way.)