Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Planting the Garden !

It's time to start planting our garden. Last Friday we planted 4 rows of potatoes and on Saturday we planted a whole row of broccoli . We planted cabbage and onions also. These are cool weather plants and can be planted early in the season.
Will have to wait a couple of weeks to plant the seeds , need to make sure the frost is past.
My Momma and I created this silly fence to hopefully deter the deer , racoons and other woodland creatures. We made 2 scarecrow women , I think they're kinda cute. Does anyone have any other ideas for keeping the wildlife away.
Now if the creator will bless us with rain , we should have some wonderful fresh veggies.

I've finished the One World ~ One Heart Altered book and will be mailing it out tommorrow. The hippy swap will be mailed tommorrow also. Now I've got to make time to do those crow pages and start on the charm swap.


Naturegirl said...

Too Cute! I can't help with ideas as I don't have your visitors nor a veggie garden! I love your creativity!hugs NG

Janet said...

Your scarecrow ladies are adorable! I've not had a garden in years but somehow I think I remember that bars of soap deter deer. Maybe you could get some ideas if you do a google search.

Lisa said...

Ooh I love the scarecrow women. LOL The deer ate almost all of my tomatoes last year, so I am afraid any ideas I have don't work! I'll be checking back to see if you get answers, though, as I plan a larger garden this year.