Sunday, March 11, 2007

One World ~~~ One Heart ~ Page 7

Star Bright ~~~ Summer Night

The faeries have come out to play on a Star Bright ~~~ Summer Night.
They're chasing dragonflies and fireflies.

This is the last page about summer.
What is your favorite thing about summer ?


Naturegirl said...

Oh my this image is perfect for my favorite night in June when the fireflies are out and the cats leap into the air trying to catch just one
It is a night to celebrate!
I have been attemting to link onto your site {{forever}} and finally had to call upon Lisa to help me!! In answer to your request to quote my comment ....absolutely please do I am most flattered!!
I sure hope my name is drawn as you have so much love entered into this
~symphony of seasons journal!~ hugs NG

craftyhala said...

Just looking at the picture says it all. No clothes in the summer! Maybe not totally nude, ha ha, but fewer clothes give such a feeling of freedom (my wings like to air out in the summer) heavy coats and hats...although i do like my coat here in the great northwest, most right now!
Maybe I should try my hand at a seasons book...

Anonymous said...

WOW! You do great work! Please add my name to the drawing!
Angela Taylor
PS. I didn't know which one to include me in if only one person can be in only one contest that you are having, YOU PICK cause I love all of your work. :) but please add me to all of them. :)

wigglywourms said...

Love this!!!

windy angels said...

Oh how sweet. I love all the flowers of summer.