Friday, December 14, 2007

~ ~ Getting Ready for the Holidays ~ ~

I finally started decorating for the holidays this week. Decorated the tree Monday , I enjoy seeing the ornaments from the past and all the memories they evoke.
Strung the vintage lights around the front porch on Tues , those big bulbs have the most beautiful colors. I found some vintage replacement bulbs at the thrift store awhile back , I was thrilled. You can buy replacement bulbs new , but the colors just can't compare.

I'm planning to make goodie baskets for my family this year. Money is tight for everyone this season , so we decided not to buy gifts. I like the idea of giving something homemade anyway. I plan to start giving green gifts , so a goodie basket will be a perfect start. I will use items that can be recycled , the jars and shredded paper. The basket can always be reused.

The new babies are doing well , I will be keeping baby J today. Curious J is doing really well with his little brother , although there have been some moments of jealousy.

Hope everyone is doing well !

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