Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stellaria Media aka Chickweed ~ Lemony Chickweed Feta Salad

The herbal class I took ended Dec. 6th , I enjoyed taking that class and learned to identify several herbs. One of the herbs I learned about is Stellaria Media aka Chickweed or starweed , my backyard is full of this wonderful herb. It has a wonderful mild almost sweet taste and can be used like lettuce.

Sunday I harvested a basket full and made a lemony chickweed feta salad , it was delicious. My dh was hesitant about trying it but he did and actually liked it. My daughters loved it and I'm really impressed with the herb and salad. I will be trying more recipes with this herb.

I found the wonderful recipe at this website , Prodigal Gardens ~ Medicinal Herbs Aand Wild Foods , she has some great information and recipes on her site. Check it out if you're interested in herbs.


judie said...

That salad is wonderful looking and making me hungry. I wonder if my yard will yield such treasures.

Pam Aries said...

Hi Joyce Anne!!! Merry Holidays! I agree with Judie...yummy salad!

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

JoyceAnn I had emailed you...did you get it? Your ornament is still here and I SWEAR it's going out today. I had hoped to UPS it quick but they don't deliver to PO Boxes so it delayed it.
You sure are the busy bee these days!!
Wishing you a wonderful holiday!!