Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In the Garden ................

It's been very busy around here , working in the garden and helping with the grands , plus all the other chores. But here's a quick update to show what's happening in the garden
The sunflowers have came up , they're about 2 inches tall.

The squash and jalapeno peppers have been weeded and mulched .

The tomatoes are growing nicely and starting to bloom. I'll be mulching and adding the tomato cages this week.

Looking forward to some salad tomatoes ..............

and the garlic has been hung and is drying , I need to start braiding it this week too.

~ Garden Blessings ~



Millie said...

Do you plant your garlic in the fall to get it so big and ready this early? Everything looks great!

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Millie ~ Yes , I plant in the Fall , usually October. We normally harvest the end of June , but had to harvest early this year because we had no rain in April and early May. The garlic is actually much smaller this year due to the weather.

~ Peaceful Blessings ~

Anonymous said...

Great job!!! That looks really good!

Beth said...

You have got a nice garden out there. I think a connection with plants means a connection with the nature itself. Iflorist.co.uk