Thursday, September 16, 2010

Goatee and the Proud Mommy Guinea

He's so cute , but he must feel threatened by the kids. Curious J stayed with me yesterday , he's having allergy problems. We walked down to check on the goats and the guinea before lunch.

Goatee started trying to butt at Curious J through the fence. I'm beginning to think I might not be able to keep him around if he continues to be so aggressive. Are bucks always this aggressive , he's only 3 months old , so I'm sure he'll probably get worse. I would love to hear from you goat owners , what do you think ? Is this normal or is he just aggressive ?

Curious J threw him a sunflower stalk over the fence and he decided to ..............................

dance for his lunch (LOL).

Here's the proud Mommy Guinea , if you look closely to the left , you can see a keet. You may need to enlarge photo , the keet blends in well with the grass.
Hope you've had a great day !
~ Many Blessings ~


Anonymous said...

In my experience it depends entirely on the buck. I've had some that get naughty that young, some that always stay sweet and some that just get naughty when they are in rut. The boys are almost always a little dangerous when they are in rut just because of the hormones. That's why many people get one just for breeding season or rent one for services.


Kristine said...

I don't have much experience with the small breed goats, but I've got to tell you that when I had bucks (I was in 4-H for years, with Dairy Goats) I would not keep a buck with a bad disposition. This means that, if the buck showed any aggression at all, he went to auction, no matter how lovely his confirmation. I've also found over the years that if your goats have horns, they've got a greater tendency to be aggressive. Not always though. That was just my experience. Honestly though, I would not keep him if he's showing aggression. I had three 250+ lbs bucks when I was 14 and I could lead them around or stand in their pen with them and have no fear of them trying to hurt me. Even if a buck is small he can still do harm.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Sooooo cute the new baby. I still had a hard time finding him even when I enlarged the picture but eventually I did see him. Goatee is some cute though... but wild.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Goatee's cute but I'm rather
concerned just as you are for
your grandkids safety.

I see two keets. One that you
pointed out and the other just
a little bit below the beek in
the light. There is a couple of
blades of grass kind of covering
it. One blade is in the light.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Marie S said...

Hi JoyceAnn it looks like your little family is growing.
Sorry to hear about CuriousJ's allergies, that is too bad.
Don't care for goats too much, even if they are as cute as yours are.
That baby chicken is pretty darn cute though.
Have a great weekend,
Love and hugs.

Peggy said...

Our dwarf bucklings got naughty during rut season even though they were too young to do anything. When rut season passes he should be more calm and gentle. Like a teenager his body is going through changes and he doesn't know what or how to deal with it yet.

Sissy said...

How cute the kid! Goats will be goats and Kids will be kids, you know?