Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yesterday .........................................................

was another busy day around the farmette. I separated Goatee and Jazz , cleaned the goat shed out and put Jazz and Jo back together. As I finished cleaning up the shed , I decided to take a peek over at the guinea that is nesting beside the goat lot. As I was peeking I noticed some movement and upon closer inspection realized the eggs have hatched. We have keets , I think there are at least 8 little ones. Today we'll take them away from the Mom . I really hate to do it , but know from past experiences that they do not raise their young well. It'll be a fight with her , but she'll get them back in a few weeks , which makes me feel better about the situation.

The morning glories looked beautiful , I spotted these vines growing over some equipment Dh has setting in the field as I was heading to the blueberry bush.

I mulched the blueberry bush with the goat waste. After finishing up outside I headed inside to peel pears , as I was peeling pears I noticed the yard was full of ......................................

blackbirds. I remembered Peggy over at Hidden Haven Farm mentioning seeing lots of blackbirds a couple of weeks ago , I think they're migrating south.

I finished the pears , had 5 qts and 1 pt. After finishing the pears I washed the dishes and had lunch.

My oldest daughter , Little Missy and Little Time came by yesterday afternoon. We enjoyed time outside , swinging ..................

and riding. Boy , he sure does look like his Pa , but sometimes he looks like his Dad too. I think he has his Dad's facial expressions.

Little Missy is the animal lover , she has to go see the chickens and goats every time she comes over.

They had to check-out the garden bench and pose for a pic .
It was a wonderful , productive day , so glad the weather is getting a little cooler. It makes doing chores outside a lot more pleasant.
So what are you doing this week ?
~ Be Blessed ~


Peggy said...

The black birds decided to stay here for the winter I think since they have so much chicken food to grab. LOL I love your bench!! The grands are growing and look so happy at your farm. The cooler weather is not as cool now. The days are back to being hot here. I so long for winter.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Busy as a Bee I see!

Cute pics of the grands!!

Now are those the eggs
you were going to toss
that keets hatched or
is it the other guiena
you mentioned?

Well, I'd better get with
busy and get busy doing
something productive!

God Bless You and Yours!!!

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Peggy ~ The blackbirds may be heading to your house , maybe that's were they're migrating (LOL). It's hot here around midday , but the mornings have been cooler and the humidity low. Perfect for working outside early in the day.

Hi Flassie ~ I tossed the other eggs out that were in the coop. The eggs that hatched belonged to the guinea outside near the goat lot.

~ Blessings ~

AkasaWolfSong said...

Good Morning JoyceAnn! :)

You have been a busy gal, my goodness! Loved looking at all the things going on at your place as always...Those pears look sooo good!

I have been busy getting everything ready for winter around here...putting lots of stuff away in the shed, the tearing down of plantlife that is no longer producing, weeding, planting daffodil bulbs, bringing in houseplants and spending time with my Sister who is here from Kentucky. She sure has been a big help to me!

Time to go and put some Swiss Steak in the Crock Pot and forage for lunch! Perhaps get a blog up today...I never seem to have enough time anymore to just sit and do what I'd like to do? He He

Your Grands look happy and healthy and I love your Garden that is a great recycling, repurposing item!

Have a Blessed Day!

We are experiencing much cooler temps and it is inviting to say the least!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you were very busy! I am working full time right now and still working around the farm in the evening. I must say, I haven't been very productive around here lately.