Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The last 2 days have been ....................................

busy and hectic. Monday Dh and I dug the last two rows of potatoes. I think the last row we dug had more potatoes than the other three combined. The last row were seed potatoes from the potatoes we dug last year. We had lots of small potatoes left from last season and I just went down that row and poured them out close together. I wasn't for sure how they would do , but they did better than the seed potato we bought.

Dh took his bobcat and cleaned out from under the black walnut tree I found growing along the edge of the field behind lots of underbrush.

So now I can get to those black walnuts , my late Grandma made black walnut cakes and I've always wanted to make one. I was to young to appreciate that cake at the time , she died when I was 9 and although I remember the cake being served , I don't think I ever ate any , at that age I went for the chocolate cake , didn't care for nuts (LOL).

Dh also tried to clean out from around the grapevine , but he pulled it up with a small tree he was trying to remove. We had to replant it , we planted 2 other vines that had rooted to the ground and had pretty good root systems. So we hope to have 3 vines next year , we plan to build a trellis soon.

I made a wreath from the old vines that we removed. I plan to decorate it sometime this week.

Remember the closet I talked about last year and our plan to turn it into a pantry. We finally got around to that project too , Dh put the shelving in Monday.

Yesterday Little Froggy and I got busy stocking it with the canned goods. He was sick and couldn't go to daycare , so he helped Nana. I'm so excited to have a pantry and get my dining room area back to normal. I've had the canned goods and canning supplies stacked up in the dining room for a couple of years.

Although Little Froggy wasn't feeling well , he still helped feed the chickens ...................................

and clean the goat poop off their beds (LOL).

Yesterday afternoon my oldest daughter called to tell me she was leaving the hospital with Little Missy , she had broke her arm. Her Dad took her and Little Time to the park yesterday and she fell off the merry-go-round. She has a fracture up near her shoulder , she'll see a specialist tomorrow to see if she needs surgery. They came by last night and Nana had to give her special attention , she wanted me to sit and stay with her. I feel so bad for her , because I know how much she hurts and she's not dealing so well with the situation , as she's a independent little thing and doesn't like for you to help her do anything. I'm hoping she doesn't need surgery and heals quickly. Please keep her in your Prayers and Thoughts.
~ Be Blessed ~


Flassie's Fil'a said...


Sorry to hear about
her accident.

Do you think Little Froggy,
just wanted to stay home
with Nana? lol!

The pantry turned out great!

Looks like you guys have been
really busy as always.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

MissKoolAid said...

I will definitely keep Little Missy in my thoughts.

Your pantry looks great. That's a lot of canned goods!


edenhills said...

You have been quite busy! I hope everyone is feeling better soon. I love the pantry!


Mother's Moon's Message said...

you have been quite busy.... love the wreath... and it looks like every one is tuckered out....

Callie said...

Hope Little Missy is doing well. Poor baby.
Wow... lots of potaotes. A critter ate the ones I planted. Glad you got your pantry!

judie said...

Hurts my heart. Bless her and wishing her fast recovery.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Awww...Poor Little Missy! I will surely send up prayers for her!!!

Your pantry looks so inviting with all of your efforts lined up! :)

I love your wreath too! Can't wait to see the finished art. I made one myself this week out of grapevine...don't you love that?

Many Blessings and Healing Energies being sent to you and yours!!!