Thursday, October 14, 2010

~ Our Local Street Fair ~

Last Saturday , Curious J , Little Froggy and I headed out to the local street fair. The weather was gorgeous , perfect for a day of outdoor fun.

The boys stood in line for almost 30 minutes to get a " Ubi " the clown creation. He made them a sword and a helment.

I caught K Gray hoola hooping , looks like he's having fun !

The San-Lee Wildlife Animal Rescue had a display of birds there. That's a Screech owl named " Screech " pictured above , he was sooo cute.

I thought I got a pic of the Great Horned Owl looking at me . But he must have turned his head during the camera delay.

There was a beautiful Red tail hawk .........

and a vulture on display. The birds are brought to the rescue when they are hurt or sick , most are released back into the wild unless there's a reason that they can't be.

The Forestry Service also had a display of stuffed wild animals. It was interesting , there's a huge brown bear behind the coyote with the deer leg.

I didn't get the best pics due to the sun's position , but the red fox was beautiful and look at those ducks.

The bobcat was a beauty .........................

and look at this handsome tom , he's got trouble behind him.

Little Froggy's Dad teaches him to spider fish.

Yep , he's cheating just a wee bit , he took his hand and placed the fishing line down in the trunk (LOL).

He finally got the hang of it and caught about 4 spiders.

The boys bought a fun toy , I don't know what they're called , but I called them a twirly whorlly. They have a spiral shaped rod and a disc that fits on it , when you push the disc up it flies off and spins high up in the air. Curious J lost his disc to a tree before we left the street fair , so we bought him another one on the way out. They've really enjoyed them.

Little Froggy decided he wanted to do a little tree climbing before we went inside once we were home. The boys also got their faces painted at the street fair , Little Froggy choose a rainbow. Curious J got a moon on one cheek and a star on the other cheek , plus a caterpillar on his arm.

We finally made it into the house and settled down , they enjoyed exploring their little treasure boxes they received for spider fishing. It was a fun day , but I was give out and ready for some quiet time too.
~ Many Blessings ~


Vickie LeBlanc said...

What an awesome grandma those kids have. It sure looks like fun at that fair. Enjoy your family, nothing is more precious.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Looks like the boys had a blast...I'm hoping Grandma did too? :)

I can hardly stand to see the wildlife stuffed like breaks my heart! While beautiful to look at them I'd much rather see them alive...

I'm happy you had a nice fair JoyceAnn!

edenhills said...

This looks like it was quite the fun day! Not sure I would want to go spider fishing--never heard of that before.


Lib said...

Looks like fun!
There's an owl here , at night I can hoot and it answers me back.The kids Love it. lol
Have agreat wk.end!

judie said...

Oh wow what a fun day. Thanks so much for sharing, especially the wild bird photos. Love them! Mr. Vulture is magnificent. What would we do without them? I wanna go to your street fair! :)