Wednesday, September 07, 2011

One More Try .............................

The guineas have been busy all Spring and Summer trying to hatch some eggs. But each time they began sitting , something has raided the nest and eaten all the eggs , fortunately the guinea hen has gotten away each time.

I noticed last week they had been hanging around in the chicken run , half of the penned area has weeds waist high since the chickens don't stay in there and are free ranging each day. I thought at first they were under the weeds for shade , but one day last week I went out to check on the goats and I heard that call they make when laying an egg. So I decided to look around and see if I could find the nest . I found the nest and it's inside the chicken fence area , so they may hatch some keets after all. There were 10 eggs when I took this pic , but there are 16 now and she'll probably lay for another week before she begins sitting. I hope she hatches some keets since we're down to one guinea hen. That sly fox made off with 5 guineas this past Spring , so we need a few more hens.

~ Many Blessings ~



Anonymous said...

Seems like it's been a bad year for losing birds to predators. Hope she hatches some. I'm hoping for a couple more duck eggs to try and hatch.


ancient one said...

My husband has guineas also. He raided one nest and hatched some eggs in the incubator. Possums have raided the nest many times. I hope your hen hatches those eggs.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Teresa ~ Yes , it has been a bad year for predators here. Hope the ducks hatch a few more ducklings for you.

Hi Ancient One ~ I think a skunk might have got the last eggs because I smelled it's stench one morning near the nest.

~ Blessings ~

judie said...

Oh, maybe you can trap that sly fox and take him somewhere far away and release him. Your guineas are too pretty to be fox food. xo

Callie said...

Oh, I hope she is able to hide from the fox and hatch the eggs. Maybe the chickens will distract the fox?