Saturday, November 26, 2011

Better Late than Never ............................

Oct was another rough month , it started out with computer problems , then we lost our oldest dog to cancer and my Mom had dental surgery , so it was a busy month. Next thing I know it's the middle of Nov. , time for Thanksgiving and Birthdays around here. Little Missy turned 4 last Sunday and Little Froggy was 4 on Wed. So we've had 2 parties this week plus our Thanksgiving gathering and will have another gathering this Sunday. I started this post Oct. 3rd and never got back to it , but here's the pics I wanted to share from the Pow Wow in Sept. I hope to get back to posting regularly again. Hope everyone is well and Thank-you for your wonderful comments on my last post , they mean so much to me.

This festival/pow wow is held once a year at Town Creek Indian Mound.

I bought the grands a dance stick , Little Time was mighty proud of his. I love his warrior like pose.

Little Missy thought it would make a great weapon (LOL).

This pic was taken inside a reconstructed ceremonial hut.

It was a beautiful day , perfect for celebrating and dancing.

Little Time danced the last dance with our friend. Little Missy was tired and didn't want to dance , so we sat the last dance out.

We had ice cream on the way home , Little Time really enjoyed his. He had ice cream up his nose (LOL).

~ Be Blessed ~



Anonymous said...

So glad to hear from you. I've been thinking of you and hoping all was well. It certainly does sound like it's been busy and hectic. So sorry you've lost your friend~canine or human, it's never easy to lose someone you love. Blessed be.


ancient one said...

Glad you got a chance to catch us up on what's been going on with you. Looks like there was fun mixed in with the other things that make up Life.

AkasaWolfSong said...

So nice to have you back JoyceAnn!!! :)

Not so good news about your dog though and my sincerest sympathies to you and family. That is not an easy thing to go through.

On a happier note, your Grands are really growing! They are sooo cute. The ice cream pic had me giggling.

The Pow Wow looks's been a few years for me and I miss it immensely!

You have been a busy gal...hopefully you have some breathing time too?

I am going to look up Town Creek Indian Mound...sounds fascinating!

Happy Thanksgiving Dear Woman, today and everyday!

Callie said...

Very glad you got to go to the Pow Wow and that you have such a loving sharing family. The children are darling. Hope you are feeling much better... give yourself some time and be good to yourself.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

I was starting to worry a bit there JoyceAnn; it had been a while but I'm happy to see everyone is fine. I sure would love to attend that Pow Wow and get me one of those dancing sticks. Sorry about your dog. Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving.

Anishinaabekwe said...

Great pictures! :)