Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sick Kitty , Studio and Art Swaps ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sick Kitty

Something attacked my sister-in-law's cat last week and I have been nursing it back to health.The vet put it on a antibiotic , twice a day. Since she is pregnant , I volunteered to look after Lucy. She's doing better.


GlitterSis Kai has inspired me to create a art studio I've been thinking about it for awhile and after seeing Kai's studio , I'm ready to clean out the spare bedroom. It's become nothing but a junkroom anyway. So this weekend I plan to start cleaning it out. Hopefully I'll have a studio by spring.

Art Swaps

O.K. , I 've gone art swap crazy !

Signed up for~~~~~~~~~~~
Chunky Crow Book

Spring Fling

Charm Swap

60's Swap

So , I need to get off the computer , medicate the kitty and start creating !

Posting a drawing I did one night last week. How many critters do you see ? Click on image for closeup view.

Hope everyone has a Wonderful , Peaceful , Creative weekend.


LisaOceandreamer said...

Poor kitty, how sweet of you to nurse it while convalescing. I know what you mean about the studio, I do have a room that is my studio but I am constantly redoing, revamping and never ends up as neat as Kai's.
Swaps - did you say swaps? I am in the same ones as you AND 2 one-to-ones AND art doll....ACCCk- thinking about all of them I need a nap!lol!
Good luck creating your art space, take photos!!

judie said...

Clever drawing JoyceAnn. Do snakes count? I have a spare bedroom too but I have it made up for guests except the closet, which is mine. DH thinks I should make it an art room, but sometimes we do have overnight visitors and I don't like couch sleepers. Guess I'll keep using the kitchen table for now. Anyhow, it's a southwest exposure room with awnings, and the light is not good. Good excuse, huh?

Janet said...

Wow! Girl you are busy with all those swaps! And having your own studio area is great....except mine is always a mess.

Mahala said...

14 critters? I love the drawing.
I am new to the swap thing. I am sending in my crow pages this week and I have started on my charms.