Friday, February 02, 2007

Playing in the Snow !!!

Yesterday , it snowed . It only snowed a inch or so , but it was just enough for Curious J to enjoy. We spent most of the day outside playing in the snow. It was J's first time in the snow , he loved it.We don't see much snow here , so it was exciting.He loved making footprints on the walkway and throwing snowballs.

I've had a busy week and haven't had time to create anything.Hope everyone is creating and having fun.


Janet said...

I bet you and Jake had fun playing in the snow. How nice to be able to share his first snowfall with him.
I'm glad the snow is all over your way and we don't have any out here!

LisaOceandreamer said...

ah what joy to see snow through a child's first time playing in it!

Kai said...

It's snowing here tmmorrow, another 4" to add to the arctic outside..maybe we can make snow It's fun stuff for kids!
PEace, Kai.

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

thankyou for sharing as my chrildren are far away but you stur memoriws