Thursday, April 12, 2007

Feelin Groovy ~~~~~ Hippy Swap

Since everyone is posting their hippy swap , I thought I would run this post again.

Cool Stuff , I joined a hippy swap awhile back , and Saturday I had some groovy stuff in my mailbox.Miss Robyn hosted this swap and it wasn't due to the last week of March.Mine came early and brought me a big SMILE! Anna from the UK had my name , she sent some wonderful treasures.Click on photos for close-up view.
A turquoise scarf ~ I love it , it's beautiful !
A necklace with a turquoise heart ~ it's wonderful !
Beautiful beaded bracelet ~ can't wait to wear it !
Green Elephant Keychain ~ He's a cutie ! I hope he's bringing good luck !
A wonderful wooden star ~ a great artful treasure !
Homemade paper ( 3 sheets ) - Purple,Pink,Turquoise ~~~ They're Beautiful !
Small journal book with handmade paper ~ wonderful little treasure !
A velvet pouch ~ Great place to stash that little journal.
A beautiful card with a pin ~ Dream & Imagine ~ Will treasure this always !

I loved everything in this package.Thanks so much Anna ! Our local Grassroots Arts /Music Festival is next month , I'll definitely be wearing my treasures and Feelin Groovy !!


Anna said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to let me know your goodies arrived ok! You've made them look so lovely all displayed like that!
I had sooo much fun gathering all the bits & pieces - and I'm so pleased you like them :o)
Happy Hippy Thoughts, dear Glitter Sister!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

How fun to see these great items and how on the ball is she? I HAVE to still gather and send mine out - WHICH happen to be going to HER. So I better get busy, these treasures are far out man! :)

p.s. your book for the giveaway is really looking awesome!

miss*R said...

Hi JoyceAnn~ what a great bunch of sctuff! yep, you will surely be the Queen Hippy in NC! peace & love comin' your way xoox

Naturegirl said...

Groovy man peace love and flower power from one who went through the ~~H~i~p~p~i~e stage...remembering the coffee house and all the beatles songs!hugs NG

Anonymous said...

WOOO HOOO! Those things look sooo great! How wonderful! I bet that really made ya smile. :)

Pam Aries said...

ooohhh! Which Arts festival is it! Love your hippy swap groovy cool stuff!