Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Circle of Life and Baby Caterpillars

My daughter went to the doctor Monday , they said her due date would be Nov. 28. A very close friend of hers died in a car accident in Feb , her friend 's birthday was Nov 27th. Her friend was hoping she would have a little girl when she got pregnant , so we will see if that happens. I told my daughter this was truly an example of the circle of life and maybe this angel sent her this wonderful blessing.

This morning I was gathering pinecones , sweetgum balls and moss for some art I planning to make when I came across this nest of caterpillars. They're about an inch long and so cute. Beautiful fairies in the making , hope the birds don't find them. Be sure to click on photo to enlarge and see a closeup image.

I've finally got started on the Crow pages. I've got the background done and I decided to stamp the crow. I didn't have a crow stamp , so I made one. Now I need to embellish and come up with a idea for the back page. Glad Pam extended the deadline or I would have been creating night and day last week. Hope to finish them this week and start on those charms.


Anonymous said...

Car accidents are awful things! It is good to know that when God closes one door, he opens another though. Please let your daughter know that she is in my prayers.I know what loss is like,she is not alone.
Thank you for sharing this news with us. :)
This picture of baby caterpillars is wonderful!

Naturegirl said...

Perhaps the angel did have a hand in this! Good wishes to your daughter.
Now it is about those wigglys....I sure hope they are NOT the detructive moths....I had them last spring and had to ~you know~ to them..I made my own organic pesticide.Dish detergent and water.:)NG

JoyceAnn said...
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judie said...

Gosh, I have never seen so many caterpillars in one place. What kind of ?????butterfly????? would lay so many eggs in one spot? Maybe you could ask your local agriculture extension agent what they are....just in case they are those moths NG wrote of. Let us know what they turn out to be. Love nature photos!


lovely page darling

Anonymous said...

I just took a picture of one little lonley caterpillar on the side of my house last week. But I must say I have never seen so many at once.