Monday, April 16, 2007


I've been inspired by Lisa GroggyFroggy to create some SoulCollage cards. The first card I made was a card about gardening. The second card is about bird totems.

What are SoulCollage cards ?
They 're small collages you make to learn about yourself. Grab yourself a magazine and start clipping things that speak to you. Take your glue stick and turn them into small collages. These visual cards represent energy or a voice that has something to say about your life journey. Take sometime to study your cards and learn about yourself.

Checkout this website to learn more -


Anonymous said...

Woooooo! How beautiful! I'm thinking of making some some tooo! :) Froggy is sooo kewl to have started this!

Wonderful work!!!! Love your first Soulcollage cards!

Janet said...

I like these. Lisa has inspired me, too. I think SoulCollage may be my new love.

Lisa said...

Your cards are really beautiful. I haven't done any animal totem cards yet. I'm planning too. I think I finally figured out one of mine.

Love these.

judie said...

Nice, Nice soul collages. Love the birds!