Monday, August 27, 2007

Count Your Blessings Monday

On this Monday I'm counting my blessings. Check out Marci for more info on Count Your Blessings Monday. I wish I knew how to make the link clickable , feel free to tell me if you know. I'm thankful for the herb Echinacea also known as purple cone flower featured in the photo above. We had a birthday party for my grandson on August 5th and something flew down my swimsuit and stung me on the breast. I never saw what it was. I'm not allergic to bee stings , but for some reason I developed an infection. I started taking my echinacea about two weeks ago and it is finally healing. Last year I bought the herbal plant , echinacea and planted it. It didn't grow very well in the spot I planted it , so I moved it in the spring and it has did better. You need to wait 2 years , before harvesting. Next year I plan to make my own tincture from my plant. I'm so thankful for this special herb the creator has blessed us with.
We were blessed with some much needed rain last night also. Thank-You to the creator for these wonderful blessings !!!


Marci said...

Thanks for taking part in Count Your Blessings Monday.

To make the picture a blink, make sure you are on compose (when editing or creating your post). Then click on the picture. Right above where you write, you will see a little picture of chain links. Put the URL you want the link to go. Then hit OK or save or whatever it is. Then you will have a clickable picture. You can do it with text as well. Just highlight the text (in compose) and hit the little chain picture and put in your URL. Hope this helps.

Lisa said...

I love the plant, Echinacea. So pretty.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Hello JoyceAnn,
The Echinacea plant is very beautiful besides healing. A friend of mine and I were speaking
with a man who had got bitten by a spider and it wouldn't heal, with the medicine he was given. His Mother told him to make a Chamomile Pulpous and put it on the wound. It healed it up. One of my brother's got ringworm on his head when he was a child and the medicine he was given didn't heal it. My step-father made up some kind of pulpous and put it on his wound and it healed it. My Mom couldn't remember what it was though. I remember drinking a green tea made out of I think the Mullein plant when I was a child and sick. Milk-thistle is suppose to be good for the liver so are beets. Have you ever read, The Prescription to Nutritional Healing? Have a Blessed Day!

judie said...

Oh dear, I missed your birthday JoyceAnn. Well, you have my permission to have another today, without the added year. Tell dh I said he has to take you out again to celebrate for my error! ;) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo