Saturday, August 11, 2007

~*~ Learning about Herbs ~*~

I'm doing a online study course about herbs , this course is free. If you would like to learn more about herbs , here are some links.

After reading the Prodigal Gardens site , I found the wild herb purslane growing in my garden , see photo above. I added some to my salad this week , it tastes good and makes the salad look pretty. Purslane is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids , which is healthy for you.

I made a soul collage about herbs last night. Maybe it will get my creativity flowing.

Well , I'm heading to the kitchen , need to make another batch of salsa. I've been blessed with tomatoes this year but they're small , due to the lack of rain.

~~~~ Hope your day is Blessed ~~~~


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! Is the soulCollage that you made the same size as an aceo?Outstanding work!

Lisa'Oceandreamer' S. said...

YOur creativity IS your gardening, canning and in the new herb education, vinegars you're making et al. I think that is HIGHLY creative and I hope to learn from you.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Thanks for the links Joyce Ann. I am very much into wanting to learn more about herbs and wild foods. There are some links on my blog too. Edible Plants and Wild Food Adventures. When we get our other comoputer fixed I'll check out the Herb links you posted. Thanks again. Have a Blessed Day!