Wednesday, August 29, 2007

~~ Seashells ~~

I picked up many seashells , while at the beach. I love their colors , different textures and natural beauty. I have a huge collection.

While we were browsing the antique store , I spotted a planter that had been tiled with broken china pieces , marbles and old jewelry , it was beautiful.
It inspired me ..... I decided that I would try one with shells , driftwood , sea glass and other items I've collected over the years.
But when I got home , I realized there was something else I wanted to do with the shells. I have an old wooden counter , that we've been using as a bar outside on the patio and I decided to tile it with the shells.

I had planned to redo the outdoor furniture this past spring , but never got to it. I'm hoping this project will give me the kick start I need. I have started gluing the shells in place , then I will grout it and seal it. I will show you some photos as I go along with this project.

Hope your day is great , full of creativity and love !!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh they are beautiful! Wonderful shells! It's always great when you pick up things because your mind goes right back to the time and place that you got it. Thanks for sharing!

judie said...

Your shell bar is too kewl! Wonderful idea. I love shells, such intricate beauty and a story in each one. You need a shark's tooth in there too. Want me to send you one? xoxoxo

Lisa Oceandreamer S. said...

I love shells, the look, the finding of them..this is a great idea! There is a blogger who does THE most amazing mirror frames and more with shells too. Check it out, on my sidebar it's Enchanted Cove Productions. I can't wait to see your finished bar!

Pam Aries said...

THat looks great!@ What a neat idea1

judie said...

Where are you?