Friday, September 21, 2007

O.k. , so Curious J started pre-school last week and I've been sick every since. I'm just starting to feel better. I missed my first Wild , Edible and Medicinal Plants class , the 1st class was last Thur and I awoke with a fever that day. The class is every other week , so maybe I can start next week.

The only thing left in the garden are jalapenos peppers , the deer ate the okra last week. They also ate the bell peppers , banana peppers and cheyenne peppers. I couldn't believe they ate the cheyenne , but they did. I saw a mother and two young ones grazing in the garden last week , I guess the young ones ate those peppers. I bet they were running for water. Hot ~ Hot ~ Hot !
I received my seed garlic last week. I ordered it from Hood River Garlic , you can check them out at . This will be my first time planting garlic , I will start preparing the beds in the next two weeks. The garlic will be planted around the end of Oct. Hope it does well.

Wishing Ms. Judiemacawhead and Janet a very Happy Birthday !!!

This weekend we will be closing the pool up for the winter , good-bye summer - hello to Fall.

Hope your week-end is blessed with happiness !!

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Janet said...

I'm sorry you haven't been feeling good but it seems as if you're on the mend now. That class sounds like something I would love!

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm just now getting around to visit everyone!