Monday, September 24, 2007

Pine Needle Tea ~~~ Congestion ~~~ Crazy

My hubby said , people would think I was crazzeee. I made some white pine needle tea last week when I was sick. Cherokee people believed it was sacred medicine , good for congestion and breathing problems. I had never tried it before , but decided I should , if it was good for my ancestors , it should be good for me. I was impressed with the tea , it definitely brought up the congestion and helped with shortness of breath.

My family has been looking at me strange lately , as I try these natural herbs.
I do believe the creator created these plants to help us and we need to get back to the natural way.

So , people might think I'm crazy , but I feel so much better.

I've been working on my mermaid swap this morning. I've got my mermaid completed , now I've got to make a ATC.

I'm headed to the kitchen to pickle some more peppers and make some white pine needle vinegar.

Just call me Crazzeee !!


Janet said...

I don't think you're crazy! I think you're smart to look to your ancestors for help. People used to know how to take care of themselves. Now everyone wants a pill to fix it all. Good for you!!

Kel's Kreation said...

Thank you for the kind comments in regards to my mermaid. I was very nervous about the whole thing from the creation to the shipping.

Question... What is white pine needle tea? I am very interested in alternative things.

Thank you again

judie said...

Well I don't think you're crazy but pine needle tea? Isn't it very strong? Whatever works, right? I just think of Florida scrub pines and how sticky the sap is and how the pinecones will stick you if you are not careful, and the wonderful piney smell they have. But they make fabulous baskets! ..I'm sure this tea is a bit different.