Saturday, January 10, 2009

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The story of stuff challenges us to think before we buy. As 2008 starts I'm making a promise to Mother Earth , that I will not buy stuff unless it is really needed and I will consider the way it is packaged before I buy.

We have to break this throw away habit , if the earth is to Heal and be better for coming generations.

I've tried to be greener this past year , but there is room for much improvement.

We've had severe drought problems this past year , so I've bought disposable plates and cups to conserve water. I bought plastics and styrofoam ( I know , shame on me ) , they are cheaper , sturdier and more readily available.

I promise to buy paper only , if I have to buy in 2008.

Disposable Diapers ~ I was going to buy the grands cloth diapers for christmas , but after thinking it through , realized with the drought conditions we have , it wouldn't be a wise choice.

Not sure what to do about this situation , any suggestions ?

Plastic or Paper ~ We don't hear those words anymore , they just put it in plastic.

I have gathered up some cloth bags to keep in the trunk of my car to use at the grocery store. I used them for the first time on New Year's Eve.

I have never liked throwing stuff away and have many plastic bags stored , need to find a place to recycle them.

I have to much stuff , recycling , give aways and decluttering will become my way of life for 2008.

I have made some good changes in 2007 and will make more green changes in 2008. Mother Earth needs our help , if everyone makes small changes , it will add up to a big change in the future.

Please checkout this website and consider taking this challenge

My art journal has taken a change toward green also , created this awhile back.

~ * ~ Hope your day is Greener and Peaceful ~ * ~

I took this challenge last January ~ I did well on this challenge and plan to make it a way of life. I didn't get all my decluttering done , but will continue getting rid of stuff this year.

It's a cold and frosty day here , but the sun is shining. It feels great to see the sun , it's been cloudy and rainy for about a week. I've been busy the last 2 days , catching up on the washing , actually got to hang a couple of loads out on the line.

I'm still deciding on my goals for the coming year. I plan to post about them soon.

~ Green and Peaceful Blessings ~


judie said...

I don't know if I can stop buying "stuff". It calls me.

MissKoolAid said...

Regarding plastic bags... I use them as stuffing for handmade plushies. You can knit or crochet a long tube, close one end, stuff it with plastic bags, close the other end. It becomes a snake and you can use it at the bottom of doors or windows to keep drafts of air from coming in or out.

Regarding the diapers... Maybe use the disposable ones AND cloth diapers every other day or something like that. It would still be a step closer to being greener. I don't know...


Lib said...

Hi Joyceann,
A GREAT POST! Looks like we share alot of the same goals!TOgether we can make a difference!;o)
May we encourage each other through out this yr.

Anonymous said...

what was the answer to the dilema on plastic and cloth diapers in the middle of a drought?

Anonymous said...

What was the answer to your dilema on cloth diapers during a drought?