Monday, January 05, 2009

~ Looking back at my Simple Plans for 2008 ~

I'm a little behind on looking back at 2008 , but what can I say except , I'm a busy Nana.

No Resolutions , just plans and lifestyle changes ...... Sooo , how did I do ?

Spend special time with each grandchild individually ~ Creating Memories ~ Bonding ....... I did well on this goal , it was easy.

Learn more about HERBS ~ grow more herbs ~ eat more herbs ...... I did learn more about herbs , although I didn't do the study course I had planned to do. I enjoy herbal study , will continue learning about them this year.

Eat healthier ~ Hopefully lose some pounds ....... I did lose a few pounds , didn't weigh myself , but could tell in my clothes , good enough for me.

Start plants from seeds ~ For garden ....... Started tomatoes and peppers from seed , they did well. Plan to start most of my plants from seeds this year.

Grow more veggies ~ Lettuce , Carrots , red cabbage ~ ....... I grew leaf lettuce and red cabbage , didn't get the carrots planted.

Buy a Pressure Canner ~ ....... Didn't buy a Pressure Canner , I used my sister's instead. It was the first time I had used a pressure canner by myself , my late MIL always worked the canner when we preserved the garden goods. My SIL said I could use my MIL's canner , so we have to dig it out of the storage building before canning time. I may need to replace the gasket.

Get a rabbit ~ Need manure for compost ~ ...... My uncle gave me a rabbit , so I have my manure.

Get some chickens ~ Fresh eggs ~ Manure for compost ~ ........ Didn't get this accomplished for 2008 , but the chicken coop is ready now , will be getting chickens soon .... Yippee !!

Organize kitchen cabinets ~ refrigerator ~ ......... I did get some of my cabinets organized , but didn't get them all done.

Meal Planning ~ One pot meals ~ ....... I didn't do well on this goal , no meal planning and no more one pot meals than usual.

Conserving water ~ Extreme drought conditions this past year ....... I still do all I can to conserve water , one thing I started was keeping some jugs in the bathroom to fill while we're waiting for the water to get warm.

Living Green ~ Using cloth bags ~ recycling more ~ buying less ...... I've did well with all of these goals.

Story of Stuff Challenge ~ ....... This challenge was the same as my goals above , but gave me another reason to continue changing my way of life. I will continue to do what I can to help Mother Earth.

Create Every Day 2008 ~

Make more Art from recycled stuff ~ Altered Art

Create more Soul Collages ~ Pictured above is a soul collage I created back in the fall.

I didn't create everyday , except maybe in my mind. I did manage to create something every month almost , I didn't create anything last February. My dog was sick and died , I guess I was mourning.

Spend more time enjoying the outdoors ~ hiking ~ fishing ~ exploring

Live , Laugh , Love ~ Always ....... I did spend more time outdoors and enjoying life 's simple pleasures.

I'm happy with the results , now I need to decide on my goals for this year. I did a few more challenges last year and will be posting about them soon.

~ Simple Blessings ~


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! :) Thanks for sharing your plans with us! *HUGS*

MissKoolAid said...

Sounds like good plans to me...

I think it's awesome that you want to have your own chickens and rabbit for eggs and manure for the garden.


Lib said...

Sounds WONDERFUL! I hope your able to accomplish it all:o)

Vickie LeBlanc said...

You did good girl !!!!! Thanks for respecting mother earth. I love learning about herbs also. I mostly enjoy reading about edible wild plants.

Lisa said...

Sounds like you did great!