Saturday, January 03, 2009

~ Happenings on the Homestead ~

It's been hectic around the homestead for about a month now , everyone was sick a week or two before Christmas , then came the gift wrapping , cooking , holiday celebrations and the new Grandson. He's home now and doing well , Little Missy was quite jealous the first day , but she's getting better. I'm glad things are settling down and getting back to normal.

DH has been home for almost two weeks , he moved the compost bin for me. I had him put it near the chicken coop , so I would have easy access to it. He built 2 frames for raised garden beds , I plan to start an asparagus bed in one. The other one is divided into 2 sections , it will be for lettuce and spinach. The garlic is starting to sprout up , it's about 2 inches tall . The weather has been mild here so far this year , but we've had plenty of rain , it's wet and muddy everywhere.

The guineas are doing well in the chicken coop , they came out of the coop a couple of times last week and pecked around the ground in the fenced area. I made a higher roost for them , they seem to like it better.

I'm thinking about my goals for 2009 , and reviewing the goals and challenges from 2008. I will post about them next week , hope you're having a wonderful weekend .

~ Many Blessings ~



Vickie LeBlanc said...

Speaking of garlic... darn, i totally forgot to plant mine in the Fall and look, yours is 2 inches tall already:-))

By the look of things, you seem busy but it's a good busy isn't it. And that's the best kind.

Happy 2009 !

Lisa said...


Oh you make me want to garden. I just finished reading Prodigal Summer and she almost made me want to can...almost. :)