Tuesday, April 08, 2008

~ * ~ Harvesting Dandelions ~ * ~

I'm starting my wild herbal studies again , my first herbal ally is dandelion. I will be doing an in depth study of dandelion. I'm going to try some recipes and make some medicinals. I have started a new blog for my herbal studies , the link is on the left , if you're interested.

We had more rain over the weekend , so the garden looks good. I hope to plant the corn , greenbeans and squash soon. My Daddy always told us , it was time to plant the corn when you hear the whip~poor~will calls, haven't heard them yet.

I've been reading alot of gardening blogs and have found some wonderful gardening information ,that I plan to incorporate into my garden. One blogger does everything she can to attract toads /frogs , to help with bug control. Such a wonderful common sense organic idea , I've overlooked. I will be adding some frog huts and boards to my garden. I have one frog hut , my DMIL bought for me many moons ago. I have used it in my herb garden for decoration purposes , but I will be moving it to the veggie garden. I also read about digging a small trench and laying a board over , this gives toads a place to hide from predators and gives them a place to get out of the heat. She also recommends a small fish pond near the garden to attract frogs/toads.

~ Hope you are Blessed with many toads in your Garden ~

~Love & Hugs ~ JoyceAnn


judie said...

Good luck with your garden. I know the frogs and toads will love you, especially if you have a little pond for them. They don't need much! Just a few blades of water grass. Sometimes I miss NC. I haven't heard the Whiporwhill yet either. We do have them here even in the city. Well, they stick to the woodsy areas, but I can still hear them. xoxoxo

Lib said...

Hi Joyceann,
I love your blog:o)
I remember gatheirng wild greens with my Grandmother. I try more and more each yr. to go back to those ways of life ,I enjoy the simple side so very much!
Thanks for all you share.

artbrat said...

One year I made a sort of dandelion gravy. We had visited an amish community and I tried it there and then hunted down a recipe when I got home. It was really yummy and now I'm wanting to make it again. Yumm!

judie said...

JoyceAnn LOLOLOL I had to come back after your sweet comment on my blog, cuz you called Mz. Wee Mz. Wiz and I am rolling on the floor laughing. When I tell her, she will prolly laugh too. She does a good "parrot" of my laugh. I know you collect feathers. Want a couple of Blue and Gold Macaw feathers? I'd be delighted to send to you! I used to save them and send to a girl in Arizona who makes masks with feathers, but I've lost her address so now I don't keep them. So let me know if you'd like a Mz. Wiz feather or two. LOL xoxoxoxoxo