Saturday, April 26, 2008

~~~ Worm Tea ~~~

My composting worms are doing great , they've started to produce worm tea aka worm pee. The great thing about worm tea , is you can dilute it with water and pour on your plants to make a organic plant food.
I was beginning to wonder if they were going to produce any , they're also producing babies , I found a very tiny one as I was adding some food scraps.

I've been busy in the garden when I don't have the grandbabies. I'm really excited about the garlic. It should be ready to harvest in a couple of more months.

Curious J will be spending the night with us , we plan to watch the Bee Movie and learn about honeybees in honor of Earth Day. My GrandDaddy raised honeybees , I remember watching him empty the hives and enjoying that fresh raw honey , what a treat ! I'm thinking about getting a hive or two in the next few years. I have found a local producer until then.

~ Hope your weekend is Blessed with Honey ~



Peggy said...

I am setting up my first worm farm. Going to use a bathtub and other ideals I got from reading Rhonda Jean's blog. Looks like yours is working great!

artbrat said...

Beekeeping is a fascination of mine. I live in town and cant really do it, but a few of the farmers from church have shared some information and honey with me.

Do you know anything about corn gluten for weed control? Sorry if this question is way out there, but you seem to be very knowledgeable about organic gardening.