Wednesday, April 30, 2008

~ * ~ Victory Garden ~ 100 Ft Diet Challenge ~ * ~

I found a wonderful website yesterday , it's called Path To Freedom . Check it out , ~ 100 foot challenge is to prepare one meal each week from homegrown , locally grown , organic or local owned store foods.
I already have the Victory Garden , so I will soon have lots of veggies. The reason I decided to do this challenge is because I want to start eating more local grown meats and organic when possible , this gives me the push to get started. I do shop a locally owned grocery store , no wally world for me except on rare occasions when I have to go there because I can't find some items anywhere else.
There are many great reasons for having a Victory Garden , you don't have to worry about food security , the food is more nutrious and we reduce food miles , fuel and energy dependence.You'll save money , get some exercise and have less packaging going to the landfills.
My first meal challenge was lunch ~~~~ Wild Foods Salad
Leaf Lettuce ~ Homegrown
Chickweed ~ Wild Food from Backyard
Dandelion Leaves ~ Wild Food from Backyard
Violet Leaves ~ Wild Food from Backyard
Red Clover Bud ~ Wild Food from Backyard
Carrot ~ Locally owned Store
Onion ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Baked chicken ~ Locally owned Store
Ranch Dressing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I'm trying to add more herbs and wild foods to my diet. Hope to get my herbal garden started soon. If you think you don't have enough land for a garden , I really encourage you to visit Path To Freedom.
~ Green Blessings to Everyone ~ JoyceAnn


Peggy said...

what a great ideal! Think I will take the challenge too.

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

There are so many people who I have encountered who are intimated by gardening. I always share with my neighbors how everything I have on our little place is a constant cycle. How easy it really it is. I tell them how I started with a small garden and each year have doubled it's size to what it is now. As the children play, we discuss things such as the usefulness of everything we grow and raise. Nothing is wasted.I encourage them to start small and go from there. Just last summer I met a neighbor 2 houses down with a daughter the age of lil' man and this year she has her first garden and compost "hole". I have tried to encourage her to get chickens, but that may take another year..LOL.
I always participate in the challenges but never post about them. My foods are not very exciting. Biscuits and gravy or salad to name a few...