Tuesday, December 23, 2008

~ Curious J Spends the Night ~

Curious J spent Saturday night with us , we watched a movie , played a game , made ornaments and had a jolly good time. I created a game called " Help Santa find Rudolph " , Curious J loved it. I made it simple and easy for a 4 year old , we probably played it 50 times or more , so I guess it's a winner.
We made reindeer ornaments from ice cream sticks and decorated a small tree in the Grands bedroom. The ornaments will become gifts for the family on Christmas Day.
I always enjoy spending time with the Grands , but after the tragic news of the weekend , it was really special having him here and giving him lots of hugs and knowing how Blessed I am to have this time together.
I attended the funeral Sunday for my cousin . He left behind a young wife and a 3 month old daughter , please keep them in your Prayers and Thoughts , as they start a life without him.Thanks , for all the Prayers and Thoughts , I truly appreciate your Friendship and sentiments.
~ Special Blessings ~


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Lisa said...

How fun! Merry Christmas!