Sunday, December 14, 2008

~ We finished the Chicken Coop ~

The chicken coop is finished , just in time. It looks great and didn't cost much , DH used many recycled items. We did buy the chicken wire and post for the fencing.
The building was the girls playhouse when they were young , DH made it from recycled lumber leftover from a job site many years ago. It has held up well over the years. We moved it from the backyard , out near the garden.
DH built the nesting boxes this weekend , they're heavy duty and should last many years. My Mom had an old door he made to fit , it never had a door as a playhouse. We had to close it up around the top , I did get a chance to help with that. I also added some cedar limbs for them to perch on.
I swept it out and put some pine shavings down yesterday. We put the guinea out there yesterday evening , they seemed happy to be able to flap their wings and move about. They were all fine this morning , we'll keep them inside the coop for a few more weeks , then let them out in the fenced area on warm days.
I'm getting some Christmas decorating done today , I'm so behind. We've all been sick with some viral bug that's going around , first Curious J , then me and Little Man , now Little Missy and my daughters. Tomorrow I'm going with oldest daughter for another ultrasound. They are checking to see how big the baby is , they're planning to induce her next week. I wish she would let it happen naturally but she wants to get it over.

I've been busy working on some Christmas gifts , will post about them tomorrow or the next day. Hope you had a great weekend , and may your week be Blessed .
~ Blessings ~


Katie said...

Wow, its fantastic!

Peggy said...

My chickens would be so jealous if they saw your chicken house. Think I had better keep them away from the computer. LOL I gave our guinea away this summer. Only had 3 (one was named chatty cathy for a reason) but they were so LOUD!

JoyceAnn said...

Thanks , Katie.

Hi Peggy ~ I know they're noisy and a bit aggravating but as long as they take care of the tick problem , I think I can live with them.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Ooooooooo, wish I had chickens again.