Thursday, December 18, 2008

~ Recycling & Reindeer Poop ~

I've saved quite a few infant formula cans last year. I thought they would come in handy at Christmas for storing cookies , candy and such. Last Christmas I saw a cute idea for kids , someone had made chocolate oatmeal cookies and called them " Reindeer Poop". So I'm decorating the cans and plan to make some reindeer poop , I think the kids will have a good time with them. I can see them giggling and wrinkling up their noses at them (LoL).

I washed the cans out and air dried them. I gessoed (primed) the lid and around the side of the can. I let them dry overnight , then sponge painted them with acrylic paint , I used poetry green on the cans. I mixed some glitter in with the paint , the cans have a wonderful sparkle to them.

I was going to do fingerprint deer , but thought they would look to small , so I cut another sponge into a deer head shape and sponged 3 heads on each can . I used a paint color called maple syrup for the heads. I then took a brown permanent marker and drew the antlers. I painted the ears and eyes with a brush. The nose has red glitter , I mixed the glitter with the paint and painted them. I want to find some small red pom poms for the noses , but if I don't they're fine just as they are.
I'm adding these to a gift bag with homemade reindeer food , a pair of antlers and a Christmas book. I'm making these gift bags for all the kids on my list.
~ Sweet Blessings ~


Flassie's Fil'a said...

What a really cute idea!

You'll have to scroll the
page of my blog to find a
link to the reversible purses
I made. Child and Adult sizes.

Have a Blessed Christmas and New Year TOo!

God Bless You and Yours!!!

earth heart said...

How cute! You are so crafty!