Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~ Chickens & Seeds ~

I finally did it , ordered my chickens and seeds last week. I will be picking up my chickens Feb 21st , decided to get pullets. I ordered 2 Black Australorps , 2 Rhode Island Reds and 2 Plymouth Barred Rocks. I 'm so excited , can't for for those fresh eggs. I'll probably get more hens later on , but thought 6 would be a good start until I know what I'm doing.

I placed my seed order last week too , hope to receive it this week. I'm ready to try growing all my plants from seeds. The broccoli , cabbages , lettuce , bunching onions and spinach can be started as soon as I receive my order. We've had spring like weather for the last 3 days , 72 this past Sunday and it's suppose to be in the 70's tomorrow. I plan to get those raised beds ready tomorrow , maybe today.
The guineas are doing well and it's time for them to earn their keep. I saw my first tick today , it was near the dog pen. I have to figure out were I can put the shepard , while they clean up that pen.

Shadow and I have been taking nature hikes everyday. I've been collecting bark , moss , sticks , nuts , pine cones , and other natural elements for some art projects. Yesterday I made a small terrarium and I'm working on a natural collage today. I'll try to take pics later , so I can share tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week !

~ Natural Blessings ~


Naturegirl said...

Well hello "Martha" I mean JoyceAnn!
Chickens and growing your own ...well I guess the TV show is next! LOL..
hugs NG
Good to stop by and catch up!

Peggy said...

I have chickens on order too. As for seeds have some saved and will be getting more from a local feed and seed as they are great about getting the seeds I want. Have a great day!!