Monday, February 02, 2009

~ Wonderful Weather & Beautiful Feathers ~

We've had wonderful weather the last couple of days , mid 60's. I did grocery shopping earlier today , came home and let the guineas out to free range. Shadow is doing great with the guineas , guess he didn't like the whack with a stick and being locked up in the basement , from that 1st experience.
Yesterday when I went out to put the guineas in the coop , Shadow had chased them and they were in the edge of the woods . I called the guineas and they came out , I was trying to get behind them and shoo them in , but Shadow kept running and jumping at them like he was trying to keep the herd together. I finally had to run him back to the house , so I could get them in. This afternoon when I went to put them in the coop , Shadow got behind them and ran them straight in the coop , guess he showed me (LOL). I'm not sure what type of dog he is , but he has really surprised me , he's so smart and easy to train.
I've been collecting guinea feathers , their feathers are beautiful. I'll use them in some of my art projects . I'm thinking about making a feather wreath to hang on the coop.
Shadow and I took a short hike through the woods today. I found what I think might be an old mustard jar , filled with moss. I plan to use it in my fairy house / garden , that I'm planning to create soon. I also found the perfect spot for my fairy garden , can't wait to get started on it.
Hope everyone is doing well ....... What project or creative endeavors are you working on ?
~ Simple Blessings ~


Pieceful Afternoon said...

Your feather project sounds neat. Sounds like something I might like to do also. We have lots and lots of feathers saved from walks we take.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Does Spring Cleaning count as a project ? :-) That's my main project for the moment. I have to get this out of the way because as soon as the nice, warmer weather hits - we are outside digging in the dirt. And when I say Spring Cleaning I don't mean that I go all out and clean each and every spot in the house, oh no not this gal. I clean the kitchen cupboards, wash curtains and windows, oven and fridge... you get the idea don't you. I'm kind of a lazy Spring Cleaner.