Tuesday, February 03, 2009

~ Herbs & Hiking ~

The weather was colder today , but the sun was shining bright , so Shadow and I took advantage of it. We hiked through the woods for about 45 minutes , he enjoyed running in the water and jumping from bank to bank along the stream. He is so playful and a joy to watch.

I found a few herbs peeking through the dead leaves , there were a couple I'm familiar with , chickweed and wild ginger. I also found a plant that I didn't know , it has a green ovate leaf and was purple on the underside of the leaf. I plan to get my guides out tonight and see if I can identify it.

After our hike , I did a few household chores and made lunch. I made egg salad and added some of that wonderful chickweed on top , it was delish. The weatherman is calling for 1" to 3" inches of snow tonight , glad I took that hike today.
Tomorrow , I have some other herbal info I want to share.
Til then .........
~ Green Blessings ~

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Flassie's Fil'a said...

That sandwhich look's
looks delicious!

Fun hike!