Friday, March 25, 2011

Cooking Up Some Dandelion Greens ....................

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I love this time of the year when the dandelions start rearing their beautiful little heads , but before they blossom .............................

grab a basket and head outside to gather some of the green leaves. If you gather the younger leaves they will be less bitter , dandelions tend to get more bitter after they bloom , but they're still edible. Be sure you identify and gather dandelion leaves only.

I always wash my greens 3 times or until they're clean and I don't see any dirt or trashy bits in the water.

~ Double Dandy Dandelion Greens ~

Dandelion Leaves ~ 1 lb

2 or 3 Garlic cloves

1 or 2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

6 Dandelion Blossoms

I like to cook my greens in a cast iron frying pan , fill the frying pan about halfway with water and add your greens. Bring water to a boil and reduce heat , let greens cook for about 10 minutes . Remove from heat and strain greens , let pan cool for a few minutes , dry the pan , add your extra virgin olive oil and minced garlic to pan , cook on low heat until garlic starts to get clear , add greens back to pan. Stir to coat greens with oil and garlic , heat thoroughly. Remove from heat and I like to chop the greens with a hand held chopper while they're still in the pan. Place on plate , sprinkle with dandelion blossom petals. Serve with boiled eggs and cornbread , be sure to add a few dandelion blossom petals to your cornbread batter and a dash of vinegar over your greens. Enjoy !!

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Weekend !

~ Farm Friend Blessings ~


Marie S said...

Cool, thank you for this, now I will be able to feel the whole neighborhood!!
Have a great weekend.

Lib said...

I'll bake a pan of cornbread and be right there. lol Sounds yummy!
Have agreat wk.end.

Verde Farm said...

Hi Joyce Ann, I’ve always heard they were edible but I’ve never had them. I do love greens so I bet we would enjoy them. I usually have a nice full garden of dandelions so I shouldn’t have trouble finding some to cook up :) Thanks for sharing with FFF!

Anonymous said...

I always wondered how people fixed dandelion greens. I think I'm still more inclined to try making dandelion wine.


ancient one said...

You really eat the blossoms,too? I had heard that you could eat the greens. Learn something new everyday!!

Alla said...

Sounds good! I love greens,so I'll have to try this as soon as my dandelions start growing and I have lots.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Marie ~ You better get the whole neighborhood to help pick , you're going to need a bushel , they cook down to almost nothing (LOL).

Hi Lib ~ Come on over , the more , the merrier !!

Hi Amy ~ You'll either love them or hate them , most people are like that with greens.

Hi Teresa ~ I really want to try making dandelion wine this year too , I hear it's very good.

Hi Ancient One ~ Yes , the whole dandelion plant is edible. The blossoms are delicious battered , fried and dipped in honey or ranch dressing.

Hi Alla ~ If you like greens , you'll probably love them.

Buttons said...

This sounds very interesting our dandelions will not poke their leaves up for another month or more. I may try this. Thank you B