Monday, February 13, 2012

Eyes Open ........................

The kits have grown so fast ,

their eyes have opened ..........

and they're so cute peeping out the nesting box.

They haven't came out of the nest yet , but it should be soon.
I think it was to cold the last few days , but they should be out and hopping about this week as it warms up.

Little Froggy is cuddling with my favorite bunny, it's light grey and so cute. I'll probably keep that one and hope to find homes for the others. I want to find a full size buck to breed Candy Corn with.

Many Blessings



Annette L said...

It is always exciting when they begin to explore. So cute!

Anonymous said...

They are adorable. I see all the cute bunnies everyone has and think it would be so much fun, but I'm afraid my dogs and cats would not be nice. I guess I'll have to keep enjoying yours.

AkasaWolfSong said...

How adorable!!! :)